ASLAB: American Studies Lab

We're scheduled to meet Mondays at 5:00 in Wilson 301; however, circumstances may force us to reschedule.

9/07: Introduction to Netscape -- Wilson 308

In this Lab we'll explore a web browser, create a basic homepage, and discuss the various ways in which content can be generated and installed. Please begin the HTML Tutorial before class. Please also review this material on copyright and on fair use.

9/14: Research on the Web -- Wilson 308

Before class, please familiarize yourself with The Yellow Pages a selective guide to doing web research in American Studies. You will be asked to take on the editorship of one component of this service through the next year.

9/21: HTML -- Wilson 308

In this lab we'll go over the basic tags for html markup; in addition, I'll provide each of you with a chunk of plain ascii-text to markup for next week.

9/28: Scanning Text  -- Electronic Text Center

We are going to begin creating a hypertext of Trachtenberg's Incorporation of America. The first step is for each of you to select a section of the book for scanning. We'll try to work this out in class and you should bring the text to this lab. These will be due 10/10.

Because of copyright concerns, we will have to create a synoptic version of the text. Each of you will prepare a synopsis of the text you scan; for reference, see the syntoptic version of Virgin Land. The synopsis will be due 10/14.

Finally, we are also going to create the first generation of extensions for the text. That is, each of you will create a project that amplifies, contests, or extends Incorporation in some fashion. Although our formal discussion of the book doesn't come until later in the term, you should keep your eyes open for possible topics as you're doing this initial work.

10/05: Photoshop 4.0 -- Electronic Text Center.

We're going to create a web exhibit of covers from Fortune Magazine from the 1930s. I'll post a list of years for the magazine on my door. Before the lab, sign up for your part of the list, look at the relevant portion of the periodical in Alderman stacks, make a preliminary selection of four images and bring at least one with you to the lab.

10/12: Advanced HTML -- Wilson 308

Tables and Frames.

10/19: Web Design -- Wilson 308

10/26: Audio and Video -- Digital Media and Music Center

11/02: Netscape Communicator 4.0 -- Wilson 308

11/23: Workshop I - Wilson 308
        Drafts of Incorporation projects

11/30: Workshop II -Wilson 308
        Review of Incorporation projects

12/07: Workshop III - Bryan 203
        Seldes Projects
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