1. What is the purpose of the site?

  2. Who is the intended audience?

  3. What use will the audience make of the site?

  4. Who is the implied author of the site?

  5. Is the author credible?

  6. How does the author establish his/her credibility?

  7. Is the site legible?

    1. Is the site easily navigated?

      • Does the name of the site provide a conceptual map for the reader?
      • Is the architecture of the site clear and coherent?

    2. Is text clear, concise, and impelling, leading the reader forward through the site?

      • Is the text mechanically clean, free of typographical, grammatical, and diction errors?
      • Is the text concrete and specific?
      • Is the text interesting?

    3. Are media elements clearly functional?

      • E.g., do graphics function as eye candy, illustration, evidence, or argument?
      • E.g., are audio or video elements integrated into the argument?

  8. What aspects of the site encourage reader interactivity?

  9. What are 0-3 primary strengths of the site?

  10. What 0-3 things might be done to improve or amplify it?