HTML Tagging Exercise:

We are going to convert a plain .txt edition of John Dewey's Democracy and Education to HTML. This is an important text for understanding the relationship between public education and democratic society in America. It is also a text that presents a number of potentialites for further development as a hypertext.

The book has 26 chapters: most of you will work on four chapters; those who only do three will be asked to assemble to whole into an electronic text with a table of contents and cover. I'll post a sign up sheet on my door; initial the chapters you want to take. To retrieve your chapters, point your browser at:

The browser will open on the contents of that folder; cut and paste the chapters you've chosen into a word processor and save each of the chapters to a floppy. When you get ready to code, bring the file up in a text editor, code, and save as a .txt file with a .html extension.