Audio Digitizing

This exercise is designed to familiarize you with digitizing sound for the web. There are a number of examples on .xroads of what we've done in the past:

I have selected a group of radio programs from the 1930s; these are interesting in and of themselves, and also as possible inclusions for the 1930s timeline.

I'd like you to form teams of two, sign up for your specific tape on the door of my office, then go to the DMMC for digitizing. As with the film digitizing, save the audio material as QuickTime movies. To do this, you save them, first, as "self contained" and then export them as "movie to hinted movie" so that they will stream.

After you have digitized your material, ftp the files to your folder in That folder is located on the F drive and is labeled AM482_04. Inside that folder you'll find your own individual folders. Place the .mov files there.