Film Exercise

In addition to the March of Time, there were other newsreel projects. We have a good collection of these on VHS. We're going to focus on 1931 and digitize a group of short pieces that are contained in two vhs tapes. I'll post the signup list on my office door. Please sign up for 5 of the pieces on the list. The tapes will be held on reserve for you in the DMMC.

You should save the films QuickTime movies. To do this, you save them, first, as "self contained" and then export them as "movie to hinted movie" so that they will stream.

After you have digitized your material, ftp the files to your folder in That folder is located on the F drive and is labeled AM482_04. Inside that folder you'll find your own individual folders. Place the .mov files there.

Here is the table of contents for the two cassettes you'll be working with. But remember, you need to sign up on my office door! here. The MAs are also going to be working with them, so we'll have to be unusually careful and focused in our management of them.