Fall 2000

Editor's Introduction

Caroline Altman, Coney Island at the Turn of the Century

Erin Barnes, The Invention of the American Vacation: The Automobile, 1914-1932

Tiffany Carney, Route 66: The Main Stream of America

Rebecca Cullers, Andy Warhol: A Pop Culture Response to Modernism

Sarah Evans and Abby Fifer, The Theory of the Leisure Class and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Levi Fox, Were those the Days?: Historical Coming of Age Films in American Culture

David Hendrick, The Possibility of Mobility: The Rise and Fall of the Bicycle in 19th Century America

Devan Kirk, The Levy Opera House: 1852-1912

Adam Reno, The Second City: Constructing Chicago's Temple of Satire

Jennifer Reynolds, Through the Looking Glass: The Commodification and Consumption of Beauty

Gretchen Sund, America's Dream Girl: Toys as Popular Culture and the Barbie Phenomenon

Jessica Wolpert, Shots in the Dark: Sex, Drugs, Fans and the Murder of William Desmond Taylor

Chris Yeung, The Babe Ruth Times: Constructing a Legend Since 1919


Caroline Altman, Levi Fox, Gretchen Sund,
Urban and Urbane: The New Yorker Magazine in the 1930s

Erin Barnes, Dave Hendrick, Chris Yeung,
Superman in Identity Crisis: The Many Faces of the Man of Steel
Chris Yeung, Action Comics #1: Superman's First Appearance in Print, June, 1938

Tiffany Carney, Devan Polley, Adam Reno,
Breadlines to Chorus Lines: Hollywood Musicals of the 1930s

Rebecca Cullers, Jessica Wolpert,
Crime Pays: The Hollywood Gangster from 1930 to 1938

Sarah Evans, Abby Fifer, Jennifer Reynolds,
James Fenimore Cooper: A Literary Pioneer

Bringing the Cowboy East
The Cowboy as Entertainer in the 1920s

The Chicago Radio Show of 1924
The emergance of radio as a medium in the 1920s

The Ad Machine in Action
Cigarettes and Art in Advertising.

The 1933 Chicago World's Fair
A Century of Progress

The Power of the Ad
Automobile advertising in the 1920s

The Attic
Visions of Women in 20s Advertising

Old World,New World
Uncovering Tutankhamun

A Steetcar Named Desire: The Original Production
Images from the original production of A Streetcar Named Desire and later productions.