Editor's Introduction


Kelleigh Bannen Chevrolet: Selling America's Car

Michael Bishop, High Performance: Ethnographic Sketches of Poetics, Performance, and Honor in a Southern Garage.

Michael Bishop, Songs of the Self, Ian McKaye and the Straight Edge Aesthetic

Keonna Carter, John Ford, Gary Cooper and TuPac: Gangsta Rap and the Wild Wild West

Lauren Cousar, The Phenomenon of the Squared Circle: Professional Wrestling in America and Mexico

Amy Joy Dumlao, Packaged Play: America's Monopoly Game

Jessica Garrison, Apple Pie and Paranoia: Atomic Anxiety and American Ideals in the Works of Robert A. Heinlein

Katie Hamlin, The Birth of a Star: Product Placement Creating the Consumer

David Henning, Tooning in American Culture: Saturday Morning Cartoons and their Significance

Chu Hwang, New Deal, New Media: Political Film and Radio in the 1930s.

Lisa Jensen, The American Nightmare: Film Noir and the PostWar Era

Earthen Johnson, Sex and the City

Will Lucas, 'Scuse me While I do the Boogalo': Dance Craze and the American Consciousness

Atima Omara-Alwala, Joseph P. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Micks on the Make to American Royalty

Anne Riley Jean Shepherd: Repackaging the Past for the Modern Culture

Natalie Shonka, Remaking the American Image: Fortune Magazine and the Depression Crisis


Kelleigh Bannen,
Civil War Music: The Singin'est War

Earthen Johnson and Kelleigh Bannen,
The Fireside Chats

Natalie Shonka, Amy Dumlao, and Michael Bishop,
Manufacturing Memory: American Popular Music in the 1930s

Chu Hwang, Lauren Cousar, and Jessica Garrison,
Singular Visions: Folk Art from Charlottesville Collections

Katie Hamlin, David Henning, and Lisa Jensen,
Screwball Comedy

Bryan Pettit, Anne Riley, and Will Lucas
The Cavalcade of America: Examining the Myth and Reality of Hero Worship in American Radio

Keonna Carter and Atima Omara-Amala,
W.E.B. DuBois: Moving Beyond the Veil

Feature: The American West

Erin Barnes (AS 02), The Evolution of an Ecosystem: The Grand Coulee Dam 1801-2001

David Hendrick (AS 02), Writing the West: The Role of the Newspaper in Taming the Frontier

Adam Reno (AS 02), Bullets and Ballots: The Western Image in American Political Campaigns

Devan Kirk (AS 02), Mormon Women and the American West

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