On black folk.

If outsiders would stop sticking their noses in other people's business, we'd get along all right down here. We know how to run this part of thew country, and we're going to see that it's run like we want it. Every time a nigger kills a white man or rapes a white woman, they say we're railroading him because he's a nigger. We know how to take care of niggers because we know them better than anybody else. We live with them all the time, that's why we've come to know them so well. Outsiders think we're hard on niggers just because they're black. Sometimes we are hard on them, but that's because they have to be taught a lesson. The rest of the time we leave them alone. I've been dealing with niggers on my farm for thirty-two years, and I know them a lot better than some jack-leg who comes down here and says I don't treat them right. They get what they deserve, and that's enough for anybody. If I started out tomorrow asking one of my field hands if he would like for me to build him a bungalow with electric lights and a bathroom, by breakfast time the next morning he'd be coming up to the house expecting me to let him sit down at my own table, and by night he'd be wanting to marry one of my daughters. Give a nigger an inch and he'll take a mile. I know them. That's why you have to keep them in their place, and the less you give them, the less they'll try to take from you. Those outsiders who come down here don't know more about running niggers than I know how to get to the moon. But don't think these know-it-alls don't think they know how. They'll argue your ear off saying niggers have a right to this, that, and the other thing, but I just laugh at what they're saying because I kow they're making damn fools of themaelves. The white people are hard on the bad niggers sometimes, but we love the good ones.

Magee, Mississippi (Caldwell 17; italics original, boldface added).


White folk.


Black folk.


And their women.

You Have Seen Their Faces