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ENAM 802: American Studies Colloquium I


 ver. 1.0; last updated 12/01/97


  • Walter Benjamin, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.
  • Daniel Boorstin, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-events in America.
  • Neil Harris, Humbug: The Art of P. T. Barnum.
  • T. J. Jackson Lears, Fables of Abundance : A Cultural History of Advertising in America.
  • Susan Sonntag, On Photography.
  • Susan Strasser, Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market.
  • Alan Trachtenberg, Brooklyn Bridge: Symbol and Fact.
  • Alan Trachtenberg, Reading American Photographs.
11/24: Stephen J. Fjellman, Vinyl Leaves 
AS Lab


  • The World's Columbian Exposition. 
  • John Cawelti, America on Display: The Worlds' Fairs of 1876, 1893, 1933, in F. Jaher, ed., The Age of Industrialism in America.
  • Sigfried Gideon, Mechanization Takes Command.
  • John Higham, Strangers in the Land.
  • Oscar Handlin, The Uprooted.
  • Howard Mumford Jones, The Age of Engergy.
  • Neil Harris, Grand Illusions : Chicago's World's Fair of 1893
  • T.J. Jackson Lears and Richard W. Fox, eds., The Culture of Consumption.
  • David Noble, America by Design.
  • Alan Trachtenberg, Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and Symbol.
  • Sam Bass Warner, The Urban Wilderness.
  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History
Hypertext extensions to H.N.Smith, Virgin Land due 11/24. 

12/01: de Tocqueville, Democracy in America -- The Hypertext. 

AS Lab


Hypertext extensions to H.N.Smith, Virgin Land due 11/24. 

Thanksgiving Vacation: 11/24-11/30 

12/08: Tocqueville Projects 

NOTE:Revisons of Yellow Pages due 12/2. 

12/15: Tocqueville Projects 


12/15-12/22: Exams.  Final Project ( Democracy Hypertext due 1/7/98. 

Vacation Reading: Michael Kammen, Mystic Chords of Memory.
                           : Collect ten unique electronic resources relating to the 1930s;  post to /MA98/resource.html