The Transformation of Modern America, 1912-1945
Dr. Patrick D. Reagan


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Course Requirements

Log into your computer account in a computer lab, click on Netscape icon to get to the TTU home page of the World Wide Web. Click on Departments under Academics and Research, then click on History under College of Arts and Sciences, then click on The History Program at Tennessee Tech. Then click on About the History Faculty. Then go down to Patrick D. Reagan and click on Course Syllabi for an online version of the class syllabus with hot links for useful Internet Resources.

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Required Books

Reading Assignments and
Lecture and Discussion Schedule

Readings should be completed before.during the week they are assigned for.


Assignment: Cooper, Introduction and pp. 1-30
Internet Resources:

August 23--Course syllabus and student's responsibilities
August 25--Prologue: Corporate America and Reform
August 27--A New Way of Seeing: Facts, Facts, Facts

Progressive Reform, 1900's-1917

Assignment: Cooper, pp. 31-61, 90-121, 145-157
Internet Resources:

August 30--Who Were the Progressives?
September 1--Business, Government, and Labor in Progressive America
September 2--Discussion: From TR to Taft based on Cooper, pp. 31-61, 90-121, 145-157

Assignment: Cooper, pp. 158-219, 62-89, 121-145
Internet Resources:

September 6--Labor Day holiday, no classes
September 8--From Roosevelt to Wilson: The Rise of Presidential Power
September 10--Dissenters: Socialists, Wobblies, and Bohemians

Assignment: Cooper, pp. 62-89, 202-211, 220-287
Internet Resources:

September 13--Discussion based on Cooper, 62-89, 202-211
September 15--Progressive Diplomacy: Searching for Order Abroad
Paper topic must be selected in consultation with instructor by this date

America and the Great War, 1917-1920

September 17--The Great War and U.S. Entry, 1914-1918

Assignment: Cooper, pp. 287-314 and Study for Examination
Internet Resources:

September 20--Mobilization of the Home Front, 1917-1918
Approved, printed bibliography for research paper due.

September 22--Review and questions in class
September 23-- Thursday, TTU Career Day, 10-2:30 Multipurpose & OVC rooms
September 24--Examination

New Era Capitalism, 1920-1929

Assignment: Cooper, pp. 319-376 and Gordon, pp. 25-55, 89-115
Internet Resources:

September 27--The Rough Road to Normalcy
September 29--New Era Industrial Capitalism
October 1--Discussion based on Gordon, pp. 25-55, 89-115

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 117-122, 128-135, 150-180
Internet Resources:

October 4--Cultural Politics in the 1920s
October 6--Discussion based on Gordon, pp. 117-122, 128-135, 150-180
October 8--Film A Job at Ford's

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 56-87
October 11-12--Fall break, no classes
October 13--The Underside of Prosperity Detailed paper outline due
October 15--Discussion based on Gordon, pp. 56-87

The Great Depression and New Deal Reform, 1929-1941

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 1-24, 182-209, 241-301
Internet Resources:

October 18--The Hoover Legacy and the Great Depression

Book Review due at class time
October 20--Discussion based on Gordon, pp. 241-301
October 22--No class: Watch film, "A Walk Through the 20th Century: The Helping Hand," in Library Media Center (basement of TTU Library)

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 303-336, 263-271
Internet Resources:

October 25--FDR and the Early New Deal
October 27--The Second New Deal
October 29--Film: "Mean Things Happening"
Draft of paper due at class time

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 383-396
Internet Resources:

November 1--Labor, the New Deal, and Industrial Unionism
November 3--The Red Decade? Social Thought in the Thirties
November 5--New Deal Culture: The Rediscovery of America

Assignment: Carefully read Gordon, pp. 1-24
November 8--The Crisis of the New Deal
November 10--The Third New Deal?: American National Planning
November 12--Discussion: New Deal Legacy based on Gordon, pp. 1-24

Draft of 13-12 page research paper due

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 210-239 and James & Wells, pp. 51-15, 27-111
Internet Resources:

November 15--American Diplomacy in the Interwar Years

The "Good War"? World War II, 1939-1945

November 17--FDR, Isolation, and Public Opinion
November 19--World War II: The European Theater

Assignment: James & Wells, pp. 115-188
Internet Resources:

November 22--World War II: The Pacific Theater
November 24--Film The G.I. Bill
November 26--Thanksgiving holiday, no classes

Assignment: James & Wells, pp. 16-26, 191-200 and Gordon, pp. 398-426
Internet Resources:

November 29--The Home Front, I: Economic Mobilization
December 1--The Home Front, II: Social Mobilization
December 3--Discussion based on James & Wells, 16-26,191-200; Gordon, 398-426
(Research paper portfolio due at class time)

Assignment: Gordon, pp. 428-450 and James & Wells, pp. 201-207 and

Cooper, xiii-xvii, 373-376; Gordon, 1-24, James & Wells, 201-207
December 6--Discussion based on Gordon, 428-450; James & Wells, 201-207
December 8--Summary: Making Sense of Modern America
December 10--Review and time for questions in class

Assignment: Study for Final Exam and think carefully about

Cooper, xiii-xvii,373-376; Godron, 1-24; James & Wells, 201-207
December 13--Monday, Final Examination, 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

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