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American Studies Virtual Classrooms @ UVA

AS@UVA Syllabus Archive -- Alan B. Howard
List of undergraduate and graduate AS program courses.
Cultural Objects: The Electronic Journal for AS@UVA.
AS@UVA students write volumes on American Culture.
The Invention and Design Project -- Michael Gorman
Site geared to promote a better understanding of the invention and design process. Includes active learning modules with a "hands-on" approach.
LAR 513 History of American Landscape Architecture -- Reuben Rainey
Traces American architecture from 1500-1995 with images.
The Garren Collection of Historic Dress. -- Kathryn Rohe
A collection containing well over 1,000 garments housed and managed by the students in the Department of Drama.
Fixing Shadows: Still Photography -- David Sapir
Site devoted to photographic topics including individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest.
HIUS 403 Digital History and the American Civil War -- Ed Ayers and Will Thomas (F97)
Projects on the Valley Project containing letters, photographs, diaries and records of the Civil War.
Mark Twain and His Times -- Stephen Railton
An archive that allows readers, scholars, students and teachers to see what Mark Twain and His Times said about each other. Contains texts, manuscripts, contemporary reviews. images, and interactive exhibits.
Roanoke Island Freemen's Colony -- Patricia C. Click, TCC
Includes history, documents, maps, projects and links related to RIFC.
HIUS 323 The Rise and Fall of the Old South -- Edward L. Ayers (F01)
Course exploring the emergence and destruction of the most powerful slave society of the modern world, the American South, from the 17th century through the Reconstruction.
ENAM 312 American Revelations -- Jennifer Wicke (S00)
Another course on American literature, featuring first editions, lectures, image galleries, and syllabus.
ENTC 312 20th Century American Literature -- John Unsworth (S00)
This course uses 20th-century American literature as a means of understanding 20th-century America. Contains list of best-sellers from 1900-1994.

Interdisciplinary and Multimedia Courses @ UVA

The Architecture of Thomas Jefferson -- Richard Guy Wilson
Jefferson Architecture Electronic Archive Center (JAEAC) is an archive that brings together materials related to the architecture of Thomas Jefferson with course syllabi and teaching materials.
ARCH 566/AAS 406D The Community as Classroom -- UVA collaboration (S00)
Uses interdisciplinary and multimedia methods to interpret community and culture.
Religious Movements at UVA -- Jeffrey Haden
Dedicated to the study of religious movements on the web and beyond. Includes course syllabi, lectures, and resources.
ENTC 565 Technologies of Publishing -- John Unsworth (S01)
Seminar examining the impact of publishing technologies on production, distribution, and reception of literary works from the 18th to 20th centuries.
The Pre-Raphaelite Movement -- Jerome McGann (S00)
Traces Pre-Raphaelitism from its inception in the late 1840s through its two distinct historical phases.
The History of American Popular Entertainment from Minstrelsy to Madonna -- John W. Frick (F99)
History of Entertainment with pdf articles and links to resources.
ENTC 981 Postmodern Fiction and Theory -- John Unsworth (F98)
Course that examines the relationship between postmodern fiction and literary theory with links to several useful websites.
ENTC 311 British Literature in the Twentieth Century -- Jennifer Wicke (S00)
Offers syllabus, lecture outlines, image galleries, and links on British Literature "beyond the pale".
ENWR 371 Newsmagazine Writing -- Lynn Eaker (S99)
Course aimed at preparing students to write with the particular style of news magazines. Links to major magazines, student magazines online.
ARCH 569 Photography and Digital Media -- Kirk Martini (F01)
The course emphasizes development of digital techniques through photographs taken by the student. Includes gallery of past student images.

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AS Classrooms Elsewhere

American Studies Crossroads Project
A project of the American Studies Association, sponsored by Georgetown University. Features teaching and learning, reference, curriculum, and community resources.
Library of Congress American Memory Collection
Offers primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States, including more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.
Formation of Modern American Culture--Yale
Courses on the formation of American culture from 1760 to present.
Americanisation and the Teaching of American Studies Project (AMATAS)
This HEFCE funded project is the only Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning in the American Studies subject area, housed in the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Central Lancashire.
Women Artists in the American West
An internet course and interdisciplinary resource featuring the vital contributions that women have made to the art and history of the American West.
AMST102 American Studies 102 -- Berkeley
A course tracing the social, economic, and political organization and representation of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands from the 1820s-1990s. Complete with syllabus, images, and resources.
Reel American History:
A site from Ed Gallagher at Lehigh Universty focusing on film and Public Memory. Resources for students and teachers including projects on individual films with extensive analysis, filmography, reviews, images and audio files.

In addition, Professor Gallagher edits SiteScene, An Electronic Review of Resources in American Studies and Teaching Early American Literature, an excellent portal for resources in this area of American Studies.

Interdisciplinary and Multimedia Courses Elsewhere

The Digital Classroom -- National Archives
To encourage teachers of students at all levels to use archival documents in the classroom, the Digital Classroom provides materials from the National Archives and methods for teaching with primary sources.
Inter-Arts Center -- SF State University
Homepage of the IAC, first interdisciplinary arts program in the US. Offers course listings and faculty information.
World Lecture Hall -- U Texas
Publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language.
Sponsored by NEH, a website offering subject-based access to top humanities sites, lesson plans, at-home activities, and additional learning activities.
MCDB Developmental Biology--Prof. Kankel
One example of a website that includes syllabus, resources, and movie animations from Yale's Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.
[Re]Envisioning the Classroom in the Digital Age--MSU
Provides resources for integrating technology into humanities classrooms.

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Hypertext and Multimedia Resources

HTML Tutor
A Hypertext Guide to Multimedia -- Graphics and Digital Video
IATH: Pointers to Computing in the Humanities
AS@UVA: WWW Toolkit

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