Alan B. Howard

Cultural Objects VI is one of a continuing series of electronic publications by students in the American Studies Programs at the University of Virginia.

This, the Spring 2000 edition, was produced in a course on designing interdisciplinary humanities projects for the web, ENAM 482D. The objectives of the course were threefold:
  1. to provide students with hands-on experience in the new technologies,

  2. to explore the utility of these technologies in interdisciplinary studies, especially Amerian Studies, and

  3. to provide them an opportunity to create hypertext sites that would be useful to the larger American Studies community and to citizens of the Webocracry everywhere.
In addition, one of my own intentions was to see exactly how quickly undergraduates who had had no experience with html or web-design, could acquire both technical competency and an understanding of the unique properties of this "new medium" to work comfortably and effectively in it.

Although the results you will see here certainly have some range of success, I think you'll find that the level of both intellectual and technical achievement they have attained is, indeed, quite high; and many of the projects are really quite imaginative, informative, and accomplished.

Alan B. Howard