table of contents

Editor's Introduction

Anne-Marie Angelo,
May Days 1970
A Week of Protests at the University of Virginia.

Alyssa Barillari,
Revolutionary Suicide: Controlling the Myth of Huey P. Newton
The Rise and Fall of Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party.

Liza Douglas,
WTJU: A History
The Origins and Evolution of WTJU, the Community Service Radio Station at The University of Virginia.

Brandi Hughes,
Perceptions of Black
African American Visual Art and the Black Arts Movement.

Lindsey Kordis,
HomePage for UVA's Culture of London Summer Study Program
Program information, Faculty, Students and a Quick Tour of London and Environs.

Margaret Mincks,
Jean Claude van Itallie's "The Serpent"
Sin and Salvation through Myth and Ritual in 1960s American Theatre.

Rudy Morgan,
1960s Ads
The Culture of Advertising in the 1960s and the Countercultural Response.

Lauren Olsen,
Pills and Promiscuities
Birth Control and the Sixties Single Girl.
Mary Rekas,
Old World, New World
King Tut and the Egyptian Craze in the 1920s
Andrew Starner,
The Performance of Race in the Federal Theatre Project
The Brief but Influential Life of the Federal Theatre's Negro Division.

Molly Voss,
El Moviemento Chicano: The Art of Revolution
In theatre, poetry, and murals, The Chicano Movement of the 1960s forged a new ethnic identity for Americans of Hispanic descent.

Emily Westkaemper,
Callaloo Cover Art
A Gallery of African-American Art from the Covers of Callaloo, a Journal of African-American Art and Letters.


Media Landscapes in the Depression
The Saturday Evening Post
Cover Art from the most popular mass ciruculation magazine of the period.

American Popular Song: 1928-1944
RealAudio selections of some of the most enduring American Popular Songs.