The Oath of a Freeman. [Cambridge, 1638.]

Note:There is no known copy of this first product of the press at Cambridge. The following text is taken from a later edition. A few years ago a forgery of this document was created and offered to the Library of Congress for $1.5 million. For further details and a facsimile of the forgery, see the book by James Gilreath, The Judgment of Experts (1989), Call number:Bancroft Library F67 J83 1989.

I -AB- being (by Gods providence) an Inhabitant, and Freeman, within the jurisdiction of this Common-weath, doe freely acknowledge my selfe to bee subject to the government thereof; and therefore doe heere sweare, by the great & dreadful name of the Everliving-God, that I will be true & faithfull to the same, & will accordingly yield assistance & support therunto, with my person & estate, as in equity I am bound: and will also truely indeavour to maintaine and preserve all the libertyes & privilidges therf, submitting my selfe to the wholesome lawes, & ordres made & stablished by the same; and further, that I will not plot, nor practice any evill against it, nor consent to any that shall soe do, butt will timely discover, & reveall the to the publick weale of the body, without respect of personnes, or favour of any man, Soe help mee God in the Lord Jesus Christ.