Course Assignment Suggestion

Certain courses will find many uses for image-related projects. Obviously, any art history class could compile images from art servers around the world for classroom use. If you are working with a particular artist, period style, or genre, there is undoubtedly an on-line exhibit or at least a paragraph which deals with your topic somewhere on the Web. Have your students go trolling for information and save images to their disks for eventual transfer to a class home page or for use in a hypertext paper dealing with a particular topic. For example, you might send them searching for 10 images which use the "Landscape as Metaphor" theme in representations of the American West. With some searching and digging, your students will eventually discover that there are images by painters such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, and Charles Russell displayed at various locations on the web--some with formal commentary.

Image Projects are certainly not exclusive to art and art history classes. After all, this is the internet, and the capability to display graphics and text together in your documents means that almost anyone can find graphics related to any topic that would be useful in a hypertext project. Architecture students will find much of interest related to structures around the world; history students will discover web sites devoted to topics as broad as European History since 1815 and as narrow as a description of a typical day at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello; and literature students will find portraits or photographs of authors or images of original manuscripts.

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