Image Types

Here are a view visual aids for identifying images and image commands in action. These are strictly the basics, but possibilities for image manipulation and and special effects are endless. If you would like to see more complex image work to understand some of the possibilities, please go to The VRL Image Machine and view their examples. This service in invaluable to web page designers who do not have access to or a solid understanding of image software programs. It also has the added benefit of transforming your image on-line while you wait.

Please note that this page inadvertently has a dual purpose. Not only does it demonstrate various image styles and attributes, but it also violates the dictates of reasonable load time and good use of images!


This is a .JPG image This is a .GIF image

You will note that there is no discernible difference between the two, but within the digital information codes that produce the image, color information, and formatting structure codes are different. You may also see that the .JPG image takes longer to load than the GIF image. This is because the GIF image has been interlaced, a process that displays the entire image on the screen and then brings it into focus as it continues to load the image information while you watch it. This is a good technique for image display since it often, but not always, reduces load time and allows you to read the text while the image loads instead of taking the chance that the text will load before the image is complete. Interlacing is one of the features on the Image Machine web site.

Image Tagging Examples

The following are visual examples of the results of image tag attributes. To keep them distinctly separate from each other, I have used the <br clear> tag between each example.

The ALIGN="left" Attribute:
Sunset over the Pacific; Eureka, California; October 1994.

The ALIGN="right" Attribute:
Sunset over the Pacific; Eureka, California; October 1994

The ALIGN="bottom" Attribute:
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone; June 23, 1995

The ALIGN="top" Attribute:
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone; June 23, 1995

The ALIGN="middle" Attribute:
The Grand Tetons; July 1995

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