Who's Quoting Tocqueville

C-SPAN Booknotes books: More than 65 authors, including Daniel Boorstin, Margaret Thatcher, Neil Postman, Lani Guinier and Dan Quayle

President Bill Clinton: State of the Union Address, January 24, 1995

Speaker Newt Gingrich: Opening Session of the 104th Congress, January 4, 1995

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: Majority Opinion, Powers v. Ohio, 499 U.S. 400, 406-407

LA Times editor Shelby Coffee III: "You Do Believe the Press, Don't You?", November 2, 1994, 17th Annual Frank E. Gannett Lecture

U.S. Senator Bill Bradley: "America's Challenge: Revitalizing Our National Community", February 9, 1995, National Press Club

Ross Perot: Intensive Care: We Must Save Medicare and Medicaid Now, Published 1995

Northern Exposure's radio host/resident philosopher Chris Stevens: Occasionally reads from Tocqueville's Complete Works

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