This site is composed of three stand alone essays. They are arranged in a sequence which moves from generality to specificity, but may be read in any order and do not depend on one another for coherence. The first of the three is intended for those who have no prior knowledge of Foucault or Foucauldian thought. The second investigates the relation between Foucauldian thought and Tocqueville's thought in general terms. In the third I present a more thorough analysis of a more specific case - the tours of prisons and asylums in New York that Tocqueville took in the first weeks of his stay in the United States.

This project is part of a larger, collaborative one in which analysis and contextual materials have been linked to the main text of Democracy in America. There are links to both the main text and the satellite projects in the Colophon section.

And if you get lost, click on Foucault's hairless noggin (which is at the end of every page) and he'll take you back to the frontpage.