Emigrants The Solitary Prisoner Black and White The Little Wife

Dickens and the "artist in boots" Journal Cartoon

A Ticket to the Boz Ball

1847 portrait of 
 Catherine Dickens></A></TD></TR>

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"Emigrants," "The Solitary Prisoner," "Black and White," and "The Little Wife" -- by Marcus Stone -- appeared in American Notes.

The other illustrations are from contemporary journals, reprinted in: Dickens on America and the Americans. Ed. Michael Slater. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1978.
                This book also contains contemporary illustrations of the cities and sights visited by Dickens.

The portraits of Charles Dickens (1839) and his wife Catherine (1847) are by Maclise.

The daugerreotype on the title page was taken by Henri Claudet (c.1850).

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