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Key Word Index

American Notes is a difficult book to index because Dickens does not always provide specific names for individuals and establishments. The following list is primarily intended to give an overview of the kinds of topics, places, and individuals which resurface throughout the book. The list can be used as index to locate specific people and places, though it should be noted that some are only mentioned in passing and that the list is not exhaustive.

Unbracketed words and phrases can be searched for; bracketed words and phrases do not appear in the text. Brackets provide more complete names or names of individuals referred to but not specified -- [Tyler, John] would be located by searching for "the President himself" -- or indicate the general category to which a searchable word or name belongs.

The terms are divided into five sections:


Topics and issues:

Blue Laws







Poor Law

the Press


[religion]. the Pulpit; Unitarian; Taylor, [Edward Thompson] (a seaman turned Methodist minister); Mormonist; Dr. Channing; Shaker; Joseph Smith; Joanna Southcote






Universal Distrust

[women]. Blue Ladies



Ashburton, Lord

Bridgman, Laura

Burleigh, Lord

Carlyle, [Thomas]

Channing [William Ellery]

Cooke [Thomas Potter]. [theater]

Emerson, [Ralph Waldo]

[Felton, Cornelius Conway]. Greek Professors

Franklin, [Benjamin]

Harrison, [William Henry]. [Lowell and fashion]

Howe, Samuel Gridley

Jackson [Andrew]. [Lowell and fashion]

Lowell, [Francis Cabot]. [factory town]

Mitchell, [William]. [theater]

Paap, [Simon] (the dwarf)

Robins, [George Henry]

Sully [Thomas]. [painters]

[Tyler, John]. the President himself

Webster, [Daniel]

West, [Benjamin]. [painters]



Adelphi Hotel

Almack's [club]

Astley's [equestrian theater]


Five Points. [New York, disreputable district]

[Georgetown University]. Jesuit College

Girard College

[Harvard University]. University of Cambridge

Hell Gate

Niblo's [Garden]

Perkins Institute

Sing-Sing [Prison]

The Tombs. [Manhattan House of Detention for Men]

Tremont House. [hotel]


Authors, literature and literary references:

[Arabian Nights ]. Barmecide Feast; Sinbad's Travels

Cooper, [James Fenimore]

Crabbe, [George]

Defoe, [Daniel]

[History of New York, by Irving]. Knickerbocker

"The Lady of the Lake"

[Le Sage]. Gil Blas; Halting Devil; strolling player; Dr. Sangrado


["Sweet Williams' Farewell to Black Ey'd Susan"]; [John Gay]. Black-Eyed Susan

[Swift, Jonathan]. Brobdingnag, Yahoo, Lilliputian; the great satirist's brain

Vicar of Wakefield



artist in boots

the Britannia [trans-Atlantic crossing]

Downeasters [sectionalism]

Johnny Cake [sectionalism]

Kentucky Giant

The Lowell Offering [the journal of the factory girls]

Mint Julep [list of other drinks -- gin-sling, sherry cobbler, sangaree]

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