Chronology of Mormon History

1805 December 23 Joseph Smith, Jr. born in Sharon, Vermont
1816 Smith family moves to New York state
1820 Spring Joseph Smith has his first vision in which the Father
and Son reveal that all existing religions are "wrong".
1822 Smith locates "seerstone", a magical device used to find
lost objects.
1823 September Existence of golden plates and translator keys, Urim and
Thummin revealed to Smith by the Angel Moroni.
Smith attempts to retrieve the plate but says he was
not allowed to take them.
1824-27 The Smith family continues to work their farm and
engage from time to time in "treasure hunting", using
Joseph's seerstone. Joseph reports three more visits from
Moroni, but is still unable to take possession of the plates.
1827 January Smith marries Emma Hale of Harmony, Pennsylvania.
1827 September Smith reports that he was allowed to take posession of
the golden plates.
1827-1828 Fall to Spring Smith translates the first 116 pages of the plates and allows
friend, Martin Harris, to take them east to show his wife. Harris
loses the pages and Smith claims the plates have been taken from him
for his irresponsible behavior.
1828 September Smith reports that the plate have been returned to him.
1829 April to July Intense transcribing of what would become the Book of Mormon.
Book goes to publisher by late summer.
1830 March Book of Mormon first advertised for sale.
1830 April Church of Jesus Christ organized in Fayette, New York.