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Description: A hypertext presentation of With Lee in Virginia by the English novelist G.A. Henty. Henty wrote numerous "books for boys" that were exceedingly popular both in his native country as well as in the United States. With Lee in Virginia is one of the few Henty novels that take place in America; the majority of his books deal with stories of British soldiers in the far-off colonies of the Empire.

With Lee in Virginia, first published around 1880 and after that in many subsequent editions, is, as the Preface immediately establishes, pro-Confederate and as such may be important to the study of the creation and dissemination of the Myth of the Lost Cause in the history of the American South. In addition, one of the novel's many readers was the young William Faulkner. If the novel played a role in the development of the young writer's understanding of Southern history (in addition to the Falkner family stories), the book might also be a valuable resource for the study of cultural transmission across traditional "levels" of art.

Status: As of 12 October, the illustrations have been scanned and are available here. The front matter and first two chapters are also complete, and the remainder of the text should follow over the next several weeks. A draft introduction will be available shortly. Research into the novel's publication history has begun, but this study is proving very complex.

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