Native Voices of the Gilded Age


Although faced with the seemingly impossible task of getting thier voices heard, in the last decades of the nineteenth century many Native Americans succeeded in finding thier way into the world of the printed and published word. Although thier opinions about the incorporation of thier cultures were as different as thier backgrounds, thier voices when taken as a whole paint a brutal and ethnocentric portrait of their peoples incorporation . Thier voices reveal the forced assimilation of America's first peoples into the culture of mainstream, middle class, white America. This section of the site allows Native American voices to speak for themselves, to tell the story of incorporation from the perspective of the Native American.

Ah-nen-la-de-ni [La France, Daniel]

An Indian Boy's Story 30 July 1903- This autobiographical sketch tells the story of Ah-nen-la-de-ni's experience as a young Native American during the period of incorporation that surrounded the passing of the Dawes Severalty Act in 



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Geronimo:His own story 

Francis La Flesche

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An Indian Allotment.

The Story of a Vision

Suzette La Flesche

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"Nedawi." (An Indian Story from Real Life.) 1881

Henook-Makhewe-Kelenaka (Angel De Cora)

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Angel De Cora An Autobiography

The Sick Child 1899

Gray Wolf's Daughter 1899


Ohiyesa [Eastman, Charles Alexander] 1858-1939

The Soul of the Indian 1911 

The Madness of Bald Eagle 1905 

Indian Boyhood 1902 

Old Indian Days 1907

Chief Simon Pokagon

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The Future of the Red Man August 1897 

An Indian on the Problems of His Race [a machine-readable transcription] 1895 

Indian Superstitions and Legends. 1898 

Naming the Indians September 1897 

The Red Man's Rebuke- an essay written in response to the treatment (or lack thereof) of Native Americans at the 1893 Columbian Exposition. (Coming Soon)

Young Joseph aka Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces

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An Indians View of Indian Affairs



Zitkala-Sa [Gertrude Bonnin]

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The Soft-Hearted Sioux 1901 

A Warrior's Daughter 1902 

Impressions of an Indian Childhood 1900 

The Trial Path October 1901 

Old Indian Legends 1901 

Sarah Winnemucca

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Life Among the Piutes: Thier Wrongs and Claims 1883 (Coming Soon).