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Realism and the Real:

An online anthology of Representations of Native Americans 1865-1900*

    The purpose of this project is to explore the relationship between mainstream depictions of Native Americans and the reality of Native American existence in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, this anthology attempts to locate the place of the Native American in terms of mainstream literary trends. One avenue I am going to explore is the relationship between Realism and representations of Native Americans as published by Harper's magazine under the editorship of W.D.Howells. Ultimately I wish to include not only representations of Native Americans from popular journals such as Harper's but also to allow early Native Americans to speak for themselves. Hence this anthology includes both realism and the real by incorporating both   interpretations of Native American experience in line with the realist genre promoted by Howells and Harpers and Native American voices from the time. This anthology will not be limited totexts and instead will include photographs, paintings, advertisements,etc...Ultimately this anthology hopes to provide some insight as to the place of the Native American both within and outside of 19th century American culture.  

*These dates are a rough estimate.


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