Market, School and Stables

The Markethouse was 100 x 110 feet and contained a basement and two stories of shops rented by keepers selling meat and produce. No shops or stores were allowed except for those in the Markethouse and the Arcade. This may have been a convenience, but it also limited the inhabitants' freedom of choice.


In keeping with the unity of design, the Pullman School and Stables were quite appealing. The stables also housed the Pullman fire department. The school was rented by citizens from Pullman, as the company retained everything, allowing no private individual or outside group to own any ground or structure.

Rev. Carwardine pointed out that however lovely the outside may be, the town had the unpleasant feature of making its inhabitants feel the presence of the corporation at every turn. As Peter Quinon of the Pittsburg Times said: "The corporation is everything and everywhere. The corporation does practically everything but sweep your room and make the bed, and the corporation expects you to enjoy it and hold your tongue." The corporation made and governed town would find its workers could no longer hold their tongues.


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