and the Evolution of American Culture 1880-1920


Archives Used/Multimedia Exhibits:    




Nature of Home Life:

Enduring Understandings:

    1. How was life changing as a result of technology? In what regard?
    2. What will the increasing use and dependency on technology mean for
    3. How will technology influence social stratification?
    4. Who will benefit the most from technology--the common folk or the
        industrialists? Explain.

Student-developed questions and activities:

      Students will utilize actual examples from both images and textual documentation in responding to these questions.

Follow-up Activities:

   1. Show the "Sears Catalogue" excerpt from the American Experience series
    2. Photocopy excerpts from reproductions of Sears Catalogues from this time period and create mini-catalogues for student use   This is especially good for developing inferences.
    3. Choose individual items from the reproductions of the Sears Catalogue(s) and digitize them for a
     a specialized or directed lesson on technology. A less-technological alternative would be to make
     color copy these images and laminate them for in-class posting in an active collaboratory setting.




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