_The number and condition of the militia and regular troops,

and their pay?_


        The following is a state of the militia, taken from returns of

1780 and 1781, except in those counties marked with an asterisk, the

returns from which are somewhat older.

      Situation.              Counties.       Militia.

      Westward of the         Lincoln           600

      Allegany. 4458.         Jefferson         300

                              Fayette           156


                              Monongalia      *1000

                              Washington       *829

                              Montgomery       1071

                              Green-briar       502

      Between the Allegany    Hampshire         930

      and Blue Ridge. 7673.   Berkeley        *1100

                              Frederick        1143

                              Shenando         *925

                              Rockingham        875

                              Augusta          1375

                              Rockbridge       *625

                              Botetourt        *700

      Between the Blue ridge  Loudoun          1746

      and Tide waters.        Fauquier         1078

      18,828                  Culpeper         1513

                              Spotsylvania      480

                              Orange           *600

                              Louisa            603

                              Goochland        *550

                              Fluvanna         *296

                              Albemarle         873

                              Amherst           896

                              Buchingham       *625

                              Bedford          1300

                              Henry            1004

                              Pittsylvania     *725

                              Halifax         *1139

                              Charlotte         612

                              Prince Edward     589

                              Cumberland        408

                              Powhatan          330

                              Amelia          *1125

                              Lunenburg         677

                              Mecklenburg      1100

                              Brunswic          559

      Situation.              Counties.       Militia.

      Between James river     Greenesville      500

      and Carolina. 6959.     Dinwiddie        *750

                              Chesterfield      655

                              Prince George     382

                              Surry             380

                              Sussex           *700

                              Southampton       874

                              Isle of Wight    *600

                              Nansemond        *644

                              Norfolk          *880

                              Princess Anne    *594

      Between James and York  Henrico           619

      rivers. 3009.           Hanover           796

                              New Kent         *418

                              Charles City      286

                              James City        235

                              Williamsburg      129

                              York             *244

                              Warwick           100

                              Elizabeth City    182

      Between York and        Caroline          805

      Rappahanock. 3269.      King William      436

                              King & Queen      500

                              Essex             468

                              Middlesex        *210

                              Gloucester        850

      Between Rappahonock     Fairfax           652

      & Patowmac. 4137.       Prince William    614

                              Stafford         *500

                              King George       483

                              Richmond          412

                              Westmoreland      544

                              Northumberl.      630

                              Lancaster         302

      East. Shore. 1638.      Accomac         *1208

                              Northampton      *430

      Whole Militia of the State             49,971


        Every able-bodied freeman, between the ages of 16 and 50, is

enrolled in the militia.  Those of every county are formed into

companies, and these again into one or more battalions, according to

the numbers in the county.  They are commanded by colonels, and other

subordinate officers, as in the regular service.  In every county is

a county-lieutenant, who commands the whole militia of his county,

but ranks only as a colonel in the field.  We have no general

officers always existing.  These are appointed occasionally, when an

invasion or insurrection happens, and their commission determines

with the occasion.  The governor is head of the military, as well as

civil power.  The law requires every militia-man to provide himself

with the arms usual in the regular service.  But this injunction was

always indifferently complied with, and the arms they had have been

so frequently called for to arm the regulars, that in the lower parts

of the country they are entirely disarmed.  In the middle country a

fourth or fifth part of them may have such firelocks as they had

provided to destroy the noxious animals which infest their farms; and

on the western side of the Blue ridge they are generally armed with

rifles.  The pay of our militia, as well as of our regulars, is that

of the Continental regulars.  The condition of our regulars, of whom

we have none but Continentals, and part of a battalion of state

troops, is so constantly on the change, that a state of it at this

day would not be its state a month hence.  It is much the same with

the condition of the other Continental troops, which is well enough