_The histories of the state, the memorials published in its
name in the time of its being a colthe pamphlets relating to its
interior or exterior affairs present or antient?_

        Histories, &c.
        Captain Smith, who next to Sir Walter Raleigh may be considered
as the founder of our colony, has written its history, from the first
adventures to it till the year 1624.  He was a member of the council,
and afterwards president of the colony; and to his efforts
principally may be ascribed its support against the opposition of the
natives.  He was honest, sensible, and well informed; but his style
is barbarous and uncouth.  His history, however, is almost the only
source from which we derive any knowledge of the infancy of our

        The reverend William Stith, a native of Virginia, and president
of its college, has also written the history of the same period, in a
large octavo volume of small print.  He was a man of classical
learning, and very exact, but of no taste in style.  He is inelegant,
therefore, and his details often too minute to be tolerable, even to
a native of the country, whose history he writes.

        Beverley, a native also, has run into the other extreme; he has
comprised our history, from the first propositions of Sir Walter
Raleigh to the year 1700, in the hundredth part of the space which
Stith employs for the fourth part of the period.

        Sir William Keith has taken it up at its earliest period, and
continued it to the year 1725.  He is agreeable enough in style, and
passes over events of little importance.  Of course he is short, and
would be preferred by a foreigner.

        During the regal government, some contest arose on the exaction
of an illegal fee by governor Dinwiddie, and doubtless there were
others on other occasions not at present recollected.  It is
supposed, that these are not sufficiently interesting to a foreigner
to merit a detail.

        The petition of the council and burgesses of Virginia to the
king, their memorial to the lords, and remonstrance to the commons in
the year 1764, began the present contest: and these having proved
ineffectual to prevent the passage of the stamp-act, the resolutions
of the house of burgesses of 1765 were passed, declaring the
independance of the people of Virginia on the parliament of
Great-Britain, in matters of taxation.  From that time till the
declaration of independance by congress in 1776, their journals are
filled with assertions of the public rights.

        The pamphlets published in this state on the controverted
question were,
              1766, An Enquiry into the Rights of the British Colonies,
                    by Richard Bland.
              1769, The Monitor's Letters, by Dr. Arthur Lee.
              1774, (* 1) A summary View of the Rights of British
              ----  Considerations, &c. by Robert Carter Nicholas.

        (* 1) By the author of these Notes.

        Since the declaration of independance this state has had no
controversy with any other, except with that of Pennsylvania, on
their common boundary.  Some papers on this subject passed between
the executive and legislative bodies of the two states, the result of
which was a happy accommodation of their rights.

        To this account of our historians, memorials, and pamphlets, it
may not be unuseful to add a chronological catalogue of American
state-papers, as far as I have been able to collect their titles.  It
is far from being either complete or correct.  Where the title alone,
and not the paper itself, has come under my observation, I cannot
answer for the exactness of the date.  Sometimes I have not been able
to find any date at all, and sometimes have not been satisfied that
such a paper exists.  An extensive collection of papers of this
description has been for some time in a course of preparation by a (*
2) gentleman fully equal to the task, and from whom, therefore, we
may hope ere long to receive it.  In the mean time accept this as the
result of my labours, and as closing the tedious detail which you
have so undesignedly drawn upon yourself.

        (* 2) Mr. Hazard.

        Pro Johanne Caboto et filiis suis super terra incognita
investiganda. 12. Ry. 595. 3. Hakl. 4. 2. Mem. Am. 409.
        1496, Mar. 5. II. H. 7.

        Billa signata anno 13. Henrici septimi. 3. Hakluyt's voiages 5.
        1498, Feb. 3. 13. H. 7.
        De potestatibus ad terras incognitas investigandum. 13.  Rymer.
        1502, Dec. 19. 18. H. 7.
        Commission de Fransois I. a Jacques Cartier pour
l'establissement du Canada. L'Escarbot. 397. 2. Mem. Am. 416.
        1540, Oct. 17.
        An act against the exaction of money, or any other thing, by
any officer for license to traffique into Iseland and Newfoundland,
made in An. 2. Edwardi sexti. 3. Hakl. 131.
        1548, 2. E. 6.
        The letters-patent granted by her Majestie to Sir Humphrey
Gilbert, knight, for the inhabiting and planting of our people in
America. 3. Hakl. 135.
        1578, June 11, 20. El.

        Letters-patents of Queen Elizabeth to Adrian Gilbert and
others, to discover the Northwest passage to China. 3. Hakl. 96.
        1583, Feb. 6.

        The letters-patents granted by the Queen's majestie to M.
Walter Raleigh, now knight, for the discovering and planting of new
lands and countries, to continue the space of 6 years and no more. 3.
Hakl. 243.
        1584, Mar. 25, 26 El.

        An assignment by Sir Walter Raleigh for continuing the action
of inhabiting and planting his people in Virginia. Hakl. 1st. ed.
publ. in 1589, p. 815.
        Mar. 7. 31 El.

        Lettres de Lieutenant General de l'Acadie & pays circonvoisins
pour le Sieur de Monts. L'Escarbot. 417.
        1603, Nov. 8.

        Letters-patent to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers and
others, for two several colonies to be made in Virginia and other
parts of America. Stith. Append. No. 1.
        1606 Apr, 10, 4 Jac. 1.

        An ordinance and constitution enlarging the council of the two
colonies in Virginia and America, and augmenting their authority, M.
        1607, Mar. 9, 4. Jac. 1.
        The second charter to the treasurer and company for Virginia,
erecting them into a body politick. Stith. Ap. 2.
        1609, May 23. 7. Jac. 1.

        Letters-patents to the E. of Northampton, granting part of the
island of Newfoundland. 1. Harris. 861.
        1610, Apr. 10. Jac. 1.
        A third charter to the treasurer and company for Virginia.  --
Stith. App. 3.
        1611, Mar. 12. 9. Jac. 1.
        A commission to Sir Walter Raleigh. Qu.?
        1617, Jac. 1.
        Commissio specialis concernens le garbling herbae Nicotianae.
17. Rym. 190.
        1620, Apr, 7. 18. Jac. 1.
        A proclamation for restraint of the disordered trading of
tobacco. 17. Rym. 233.
        1620, June 29. 18. Jac. 1.
        A grant of New England to the council of Plymouth.
        1620 Nov. 3. Jac. 1.
        An ordinance and constitution of the treasurer, council and
company in England, for a council of state and general assembly in
Virginia. Stith. App. 4.
        1621 July 24. Jac. 1.

        A grant of Nova Scotia to Sir William Alexander. 2. Mem. de
l'Amerique. 193.
        1621, Sep. 10 - 20. Jac. 1.
        A proclamation prohibiting interloping and disorderly trading
to New England in America. 17. Rym. 416.
        1622, Nov. 6. 20. Jac. 1.
        De Commissione speciali Willielmo Jones militi directa. 17.
Rym. 490.
        1623, May 9. 21. Jac. 1.
        A grant to Sir Edmund Ployden, of New Albion. Mentioned in
Smith's examination. 82.
        De Commissione Henrico vice-comiti Mandevill & aliis. 17.  Rym.
        1624, July 15. 22. Jac. 1.
        De Commissione speciali concernenti gubernationem in Virginia.
17. Rym. 618.
        1624, Aug. 26. 22. Jac. 1.
        A proclamation concerning tobacco. 17. Rym. 621.
        1624, Sep. 29. 22. Jac. 1.
        De concessione demiss. Edwardo Dichfield et aliis. 17. Rym.
        1624, Nov. 9. 22. Jac. 1.
        A proclamation for the utter prohibiting the importation and
use of all tobacco which is not of the proper growth of the colony of
Virginia and the Somer islands, or one of them. 17. Rym. 668.
        1625, Mar. 2. 22. Jac. 1.
        De commissione directa Georgio Yardeley militi et aliis. 18.
Rym. 311.
        1625, Mar. 4. 1. Car. 1.
        Proclamatio de herba Nicotiana. 18. Rym. 19.
        1625, Apr. 9. 1. Car. 1.
        A proclamation for settlinge the plantation of Virginia. 18.
Rym. 72.
        1625, May 13. 1. Car. 1.
        A grant of the soil, barony, and domains of Nova Scotia to Sir
Wm. Alexander of Minstrie. 2. Mem. Am. 226.
        1625, July 12.
        Commissio directa Johanni Wolstenholme militi et aliis. 18.
Ry. 831.
        1626, Jan. 31. 2. Car 1.
        A proclamation touching tobacco. Ry. 848.
        1626, Feb. 17. 2. Car. 1.
        A grant of Massachuset's bay by the council of Plymouth to Sir
Henry Roswell and others.
        1627, Mar. 19. qu.?
        2. Car. 1.
        De concessione commissionis specialis pro concilio in Virginia.
18. Ry. 980.
        1627, Mar. 26. 3. Car. 1.
        De proclamatione de signatione de tobacco. 18. Ry. 886.
        1627, Mar. 30. 3. Car. 1.
        De proclamatione pro ordinatione de tobacco. 18. Ry. 920.
        1627, Aug. 9. 3. Car. 1.
        A confirmation of the grant of Massachuset's bay by the crown.
        1628, Mar. 4. 3. Car. 1.
        The capitulation of Quebec. Champlain part. 2. 216. 2. Mem.
Am. 489.
        1629, Aug. 19.
        A proclamation concerning tobacco. 19. Ry. 235.
        1630, Jan. 6. 5. Car. 1.
        Conveyance of Nova Scotia (Port-royal excepted) by Sir William
Alexander to Sir Claude St. Etienne Lord of la Tour and of Uarre and
to his son Sir Charles de St. Etienne Lord of St.  Denniscourt, on
condition that they continue subjects to the king of Scotland under
the great seal of Scotland.
        1630, April 30.
        A proclamation forbidding the disorderly trading with the
salvages in New England in America, especially the furnishing the
natives in those and other parts of America by the English with
weapons and habiliments of warre. 19. Ry. 210. 3. Rushw. 82.
        1630 - 31, Nov. 24.
        6. Car. 1.
        A proclamation prohibiting the selling arms, &c. to the savages
in America. Mentioned 3. Rushw. 75.
        1630, Dec. 5. 6. Car. 1.
        A grant of Connecticut by the council of Plymouth to the E.  of
        1630, Car. 1.
        A confirmation by the crown of the grant of Connecticut [said
to be in the petty bag office in England].
        1630, Car. 1.
        A conveiance of Connecticut by the E. of Warwick to Lord Say
and Seal and others. Smith's examination, App. No. 1.
        1631, Mar. 19. 6. Car. 1.
        A special commission to Edward Earle of Dorsett and others for
the better plantation of the colony of Virginia. 19. Ry. 301.
        1631, June 27. 7. Car. 1.
        Litere continentes promissionem regis ad tradendum castrum et
habitationem de Kebec in Canada ad regem Francorum. 19. Ry. 303.
        1631, June 29. 7. Car. 1.
        Traite entre le roy Louis XIII. et Charles roi d'Angleterre
pour la restitution de la nouvelle France, la Cadie et Canada et des
navires et merchandises pris de part et d'autre. Fait a St. Germain.
19. Ry. 361. 2. Mem. Am. 5.
        1632, Mar. 29. 8. Car. 1.
        A grant of Maryland to Caecilius Calvert, Baron of Baltimore in
        1632, June 20. 8. Car. 1.
        A petition of the planters of Virginia against the grant to
Lord Baltimore.
        1633, July 3. 9. Car. 1.

        Order of council upon the dispute between the Virginia planters
and lord Baltimore. Votes of repres. of Pennsylvania. V.
        1633, July 3.
        A proclamation to prevent abuses growing by the unordered
retailing of tobacco. Mentioned 3. Rushw. 191.
        1633, Aug. 13. 9. Car. 1.
        A special commission to Thomas Young to search, discover and
find out what parts are not yet inhabited in Virginia and America and
other parts thereunto adjoining. 19. Ry. 472.
        1633, Sept. 23. 9. Car. 1.
        A proclamation for preventing of the abuses growing by the
unordered retailing of tobacco. 19. Ry. 474.
        1633, Oct. 13. 9. Car. 1.
        A proclamation restraining the abusive venting of tobacco.  19.
Rym. 522.
        1634, Mar. 13. Car. 1.
        A proclamation concerning the landing of tobacco, and also
forbidding the planting thereof in the king's dominions. 19. Ry. 553.
        1634, May 19. 10. Car. 1.

        A commission to the Archbishop of Canterbury and 11 others, for
governing the American colonies.
        1634, Car. 1.
        A commission concerning tobacco. M. S.
        1634, June 19. 10. Car. 1.
        A commission from Lord Say and Seal, and others, to John
Winthrop to be governor of Connecticut. Smith's App.
        1635, July 18. 11. Car. 1.
        A grant to Duke Hamilton.
        1635, Car. 1.
        De commissione speciali Johanni Harvey militi pro meliori
regimine coloniae in Virginia. 20. Ry. 3.
        1636, Apr. 2. 12. Car. 1.
        A proclamation concerning tobacco. Title in 3. Rush. 617.
        1637, Mar. 14. Car. 1.
        De commissione speciali Georgio domino Goring et aliis concessa
concernente venditionem de tobacco absque licentia regia.  20. Ry.
        1636 - 7, Mar. 16.
        12. Car. 1.
        A proclamation against the disorderly transporting his
Majesty's subjects to the plantations within the parts of America.
20. Ry. 143. 3. Rush. 409.
        1637, Apr. 30. 13. Car. 1.
        An order of the privy council to stay 8 ships now in the Thames
from going to New-England. 3. Rush. 409.
        1637, May 1. 13. Car. 1.
        A warrant of the Lord Admiral to stop unconformable ministers
from going beyond sea. 3. Rush. 410.
        1637, Car. 1.
        Order of council upon Claiborne's petition against Lord
Baltimore. Votes of representatives of Pennsylvania. vi.
        1638, Apr. 4. Car. 1.
        An order of the king and council that the attorney-general draw
up a proclamation to prohibit transportation of passengers to
New-England without license. 3. Rush. 718.
        1638, Apr. 6. 14. Car. 1.
        A proclamation to restrain the transporting of passengers and
provisions to New-England without licence. 20. Ry. 223.
        1638, May 1. 14. Car. 1.
        A proclamation concerning tobacco. Title 4. Rush. 1060.
        1639, Mar. 25. Car. 1.
        A proclamation declaring his majesty's pleasure to continue his
commission and letters patents for licensing retailers of tobacco.
20. Ry. 348.
        1639, Aug. 19. 15. Car. 1.
        De commissione speciali Henrico Ashton armigero et aliis ad
amovendum Henricum Hawley gubernatorem de Barbadoes. 20. Ry. 357.
        1639, Dec. 16. 15. Car. 1.
        A proclamation concerning retailers of tobacco. 4. Rush.  966.
        1639, Car. 1.
        De constitutione gubernatoris et concilii pro Virginia. 20.
Ry. 484.
        1641, Aug. 9. 17. Car. 1.
        Articles of union and confederacy entered into by Massachusets,
Plymouth, Connecticut and New-haven. 1. Neale. 223.
        1643, Car. 1.
        Deed from George Fenwick to the old Connecticut jurisdiction.
        1644, Car. 1.

        An ordinance of the lords and commons assembled in parliament,
for exempting from custom and imposition all commodities exported
for, or imported from New-England, which has been very prosperous and
without any public charge to this state, and is likely to prove very
happy for the propagation of the gospel in those parts.  Tit. in
Amer. library 90. 5. No date. But seems by the neighbouring articles
to have been in 1644.

        An act for charging of tobacco brought from New-England with
custom and excise. Title in American library. 99. 8.
        1644, June 20. Car. 2.
        An act for the advancing and regulating the trade of this
commonwealth. Tit. Amer. libr. 99. 9.
        1644, Aug. 1. Car. 2.
        Grant of the Northern neck of Virginia to Lord Hopton, Lord
Jermyn, Lord Culpeper, Sir John Berkely, Sir William Moreton, Sir
Dudly Wyatt, and Thomas Culpeper.
        1644, Sept. 18. 1. Car. 2.
        An act prohibiting trade with the Barbadoes, Virginia, Bermudas
and Antego. Scoble's Acts. 1027.
        1650, Oct. 3. 2. Car. 2.
        A declaration of Lord Willoughby, governor of Barbadoes, and of
his council, against an act of parliament of 3d of October 1650.  4.
Polit. register. 2. cited from 4. Neale. hist. of the Puritans.  App.
No. 12. but not there.
        1650, Car. 2.
        A final settlement of boundaries between the Dutch New
Netherlands and Connecticut.
        1650, Car. 2.
        Instructions for Captain Robert Dennis, Mr. Richard Bennet, Mr.
Thomas Stagge, and Capt. William Clabourne, appointed commissioners
for the reducing of Virginia and the inhabitants thereof to their due
obedience to the commonwealth of England. 1.  Thurloe's state
papers. 197.
        1651, Sept. 26. 3. Car. 2.
        An act for increase of shipping and encouragement of the
navigation of this nation. Scobell's acts. 1449.
        1651, Oct. 9. 3. Car. 2.
        Articles agreed on and concluded at James cittie in Virginia
for the surrendering and settling of that plantation under the
obedience and government of the commonwealth of England, by the
commissioners of the council of state, by authoritie of the
parliament of England, and by the grand assembly of the governor,
council, and burgesse of that state. M. S. [Ante. pa. 201.]
        1651 - 2, Mar. 12.
        4.Car. 2.
        An act of indempnitie made at the surrender of the countrey [of
Virginia.] [Ante. p. 206.]
        1651 - 2, Mar. 12.
        4. Car. 2.
        Capitulation de Port-Royal. mem. Am. 507.
        1654, Aug. 16.
        A proclamation of the protector relating to Jamaica. 3.  Thurl.
        1655, Car. 2.
        The protector to the commissioners of Maryland. A letter. 4.
Thurl. 55.
        1655, Sept. 26. 7. Car. 2.
        An instrument made at the council of Jamaica, Oct. 8, 1655, for
the better carrying on of affairs there. 4. Thurl. 71.
        1655, Oct. 8. 7. Car. 2.
        Treaty of Westminster between France and England. 6. corps
diplom. part 2. p. 121. 2. Mem. Am. 10.
        1655, Nov. 3.

        The assembly at Barbadoes to the Protector. 4. Thurl. 651.
        1656, Mar. 27. 8. Car. 2.
        A grant by Cromwell to Sir Charles de Saint Etienne, a baron of
Scotland, Crowne and Temple. A French translation of it. 2. Mem.  Am.
        1656, Aug. 9.
        A paper concerning the advancement of trade. 5. Thurl. 80.
        1656, Car. 2.
        A brief narration of the English rights to the Northern parts
of America. 5. Thurl. 81.
        1656, Car. 2.
        Mr. R. Bennet and Mr. S. Matthew to Secretary Thurloe. 5.
Thurl. 482.
        1656, Oct. 10. 8. Car. 2.
        Objections against the Lord Baltimore's patent, and reasons why
the government of Maryland should not be put into his hands. 5.
Thurl. 482.
        1656, Oct. 10. 8. Car. 2.
        A paper relating to Maryland. 5. Thurl. 483.
        1656, Oct. 10. 8. Car. 2.
        A breviet of the proceedings of the lord Baltimore and his
officers and compliers in Maryland against the authority of the
parliament of the commonwealth of England and against his highness
the lord protector's authority laws and government. 5. Thurl. 486.
        1656, Oct. 10. 8. Car. 2.
        The assembly of Virginia to secretary Thurlow. 5. Thurl.  497.
        1656, Oct. 15. 8. Car. 2.
        The governor of Barbadoes to the protector. 6. Thurl. 169.
        1657, Apr. 4. 9. Car. 2.
        Petition of the general court at Hartford upon Connecticut for
a charter. Smith's exam. App. 4.
        1661, Car. 2.
        Charter of the colony of Connecticut. Smith's examn. App. 6.
        1662, Ap. 23. 14. Car. 2.
        The first charter granted by Charles II. to the proprietaries
of Carolina, to wit, to the Earl of Clarendon, Duke of Albemarle,
Lord Craven, Lord Berkeley, Lord Ashley, Sir George Carteret, Sir
William Berkeley, and Sir John Colleton. 4. mem. Am.  554.
        1662 - 3, Mar. 24. Apr. 4.15. Car. 2.
        The concessions and agreement of the lords proprietors of the
province of New Caesarea, or New-Jersey, to and with all and every of
the adventurers and all such as shall settle or plant there.  Smith's
New-Jersey. App. 1.
        1664, Feb. 10.
        A grant of the colony of New-York to the Duke of York.
        1664, Mar. 12.
        20. Car. 2.
        A commission to Colonel Nichols and others to settle disputes
in New-England. Hutch. Hist. Mass. Bay. App. 537.
        1664, Apr. 26.
        16. Car. 2.
        The commission to Sir Robert Carre and others to put the Duke
of York in possession of New-York, New-Jersey, and all other lands
thereunto appertaining.
        Sir Robert Carre and others proclamation to the inhabitants of
New-York, New-Jersey, &c. Smith's N. J. 36.
        1664, Apr. 26.
        Deeds of lease and release of New-Jersey by the Duke of York to
Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.
        1664, June 23, 24.
        16. C. 2.
        A conveiance of the Delaware counties to William Penn.
        Letters between Stuyvesant and Colonel Nichols on the English
right. Smith's N. J. 37 - 42.
        1664, Aug. 19 - 29,
        20 - 30, 24.
        Aug. 25. Sept. 4.
        Treaty between the English and Dutch for the surrender of the
New-Netherlands. Sm. N. Jers. 42.
        1664, Aug. 27.
        Nicoll's commission to Sir Robert Carre to reduce the Dutch on
Delaware bay. Sm. N. J. 47.
        Sept. 3.
        Instructions to Sir Robert Carre for reducing of Delaware bay
and settling the people there under his majesty's obedience. Sm. N.
J. 47.

        Articles of capitulation between Sir Robert Carre and the Dutch
and Swedes on Delaware bay and Delaware river. Sm. N. J. 49.
        1664, Oct. 1.

        The determination of the commissioners of the boundary between
the Duke of York and Connecticut. Sm. Ex. Ap. 9.
        1664, Dec. 1. 16. Car. 2.
        The New Haven case. Smith's Ex. Ap. 20.

        The second charter granted by Charles II. to the same
proprietors of Carolina. 4. Mem. Am. 586.
        1665, June 13 - 24.
        17. C. 2.
        Declaration de guerre par la France contre l'Angleterre. 3.
Mem. Am. 123.
        1666, Jan. 26.
        Declaration of war by the king of England against the king of
        1666, Feb. 9. 17. Car. 2.
        The treaty of peace between France and England made at Breda.
7. Corps Dipl. part 1. p. 41. 2. Mem. Am. 32.
        1667, July 31.
        The treaty of peace and alliance between England and the United
Provinces made at Breda. 7. Cor. Dip. p. 1. p. 44. 2. Mem. Am.  40.
        1667, July 31.
        Acte de la cession de l'Acadie au roi de France. 2. Mem. Am.
        1667 - 8, Feb. 17.
        Directions from the governor and council of New York for a
better settlement of the government on Delaware. Sm. N. J. 51.
        1668, April 21.
        Lovelace's order for customs at the Hoarkills. Sm. N. J. 55.
        A confirmation of the grant of the northern neck of Virginia to
the Earl of St. Alban's, Lord Berkeley, Sir William Moreton and John
        16 -- May 8. 21. Car. 2.
        Incorporation of the town of Newcastle or Amstell.
        A demise of the colony of Virginia to the Earl of Arlington and
Lord Culpeper for 31 years. M. S.
        1673, Feb. 25. 25. Car. 2.
        Treaty at London between king Charles II. and the Dutch.
Article VI.
        1673 - 4.
        Remonstrances against the two grants of Charles II. of Northern
and Southern Virginia. Ment'd. Beverley. 65.

        Sir George Carteret's instructions to Governor Carteret.
        1674, July 13.
        Governor Andros's proclamation on taking possession of
Newcastle for the Duke of York. Sm. N. J. 78.
        1674, Nov. 9.
        A proclamation for prohibiting the importation of commodities
of Europe into any of his majesty's plantations in Africa, Asia, or
America, which were not laden in England: and for putting all other
laws relating to the trade of the plantations in effectual execution.
        1675, Oct. 1. 27. Car. 2.
        The concessions and agreements of the proprietors, freeholders
and inhabitants of the province of West-New-Jersey in America. Sm. N.
J. App. 2.
        1676, Mar. 3.
        A deed quintipartite for the division of New-Jersey.
        1676, July 1.
        Letter from the proprietors of New-Jersey to Richard
Hartshorne. Sm. N. J. 80.Proprietors instructions to James Wasse and
Richard Hartshorne. Sm. N. J. 83.
        1676, Aug. 18.
        The charter of king Charles II. to his subjects of Virginia.
M. S.
        1676, Oct. 10. 28. Car. 2.
        Cautionary epistle from the trustees of Byllinge's part of
New-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 84.
        Indian deed for the lands between Rankokas creek and Timber
creek, in New-Jersey.
        1677, Sept. 10.
        Indian deed for the lands from Oldman's creek to Timber creek,
in New-Jersey.
        1677, Sept. 27.
        Indian deed for the lands from Rankokas creek to Assunpink
creek, in New-Jersey.
        1677, Oct. 10.
        The will of Sir George Carteret, sole proprietor of
East-Jersey, ordering the same to be sold.
        1678, Dec. 5.
        An order of the king in council for the better encouragement of
all his majesty's subjects in their trade to his majesty's
plantations, and for the better information of all his majesty's
loving subjects in these matters. Lond. Gaz No. 1596. Title in Amer.
library. 134. 6.
        1680, Feb. 16.
        Arguments against the customs demanded in New-West-Jersey by
the governor of New-York, addressed to the Duke's commissioners. Sm.
N. J. 117.
        Extracts of proceedings of the committee of trade and
plantations; copies of letters, reports, &c. between the board of
trade, Mr. Penn, Lord Baltimore and Sir John Werden, in the behalf of
the Duke of York and the settlement of the Pennsylvania boundaries by
the L. C. J. North. Votes of Repr. Pennsyl. vii. - xiii.
        1680, June 14. 23. 25.
                Oct. 16.
                Nov. 4. 8. 11. 18. 20. 23.
                Dec. 16.
        1680-1, Jan. 15. 22.
                Feb. 24.
        A grant of Pennsylvania to William Penn. Votes of Represen.
Pennsylv. xviii.
        1681, Mar. 4. Car. 2.
        The king's declaration to the inhabitants and planters of the
province of Pennsylvania. Vo. Rep. Penn. xxiv.
        1681, Apr. 2.
        Certain conditions or concessions agreed upon by William Penn,
proprietary and governor of Pennsylvania, and those who are the
adventurers and purchasers in the same province. Votes of Rep.
Pennsylv. xxiv.
        1681, July 11.
        Fundamental laws of the province of West-New-Jersey. Sm. N.  J.
        1681, Nov. 9.
        The methods of the commissioners for settling and regulation of
lands in New-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 130.
        1681 - 2, Jan. 14.
        Indentures of lease and release by the executors of Sir George
Carteret to William Penn and 11 others, conveying East-Jersey.
        1681 - 2, Feb. 1. 2.
        The Duke of York's fresh grant of East-New-Jersey to the 24
        1682, Mar. 14.
        The Frame of the government of the province of Pennsylvania, in
America. Votes of Repr. Penn. xxvii.
        1682, Apr. 25.
        The Duke of York's deed for Pennsylvania. Vo. Repr. Penn.
        1682, Aug. 21.
        The Duke of York's deed of feoffment of Newcastle and twelve
miles circle to William Penn. Vo. Repr. Penn.
        1682, Aug. 24.
        The Duke of York's deed of feoffment of a tract of land 12
miles south from Newcastle to the Whorekills, to William Penn. Vo.
Repr. Penn. xxxvii.
        1682, Aug. 24.
        A commission to Thomas Lord Culpeper to be lieutenant and
governor-general of Virginia. M. S.
        1682, Nov. 27. 34. Car. 2.
        An act of union for annexing and uniting of the counties of
Newcastle, Jones's and Whorekill's alias Deal, to the province of
Pennsylvania, and of naturalization of all foreigners in the province
and counties aforesaid.
        1682, 10th month, 6th day.
        An act of settlement.
        1682, Dec. 6.
        The frame of the government of the province of Pennsylvania and
territories thereunto annexed in America.
        1683, Apr. 2.
        Proceedings of the committee of trade and plantations in the
dispute between Lord Baltimore and Mr. Penn. Vo. R. P. xiii - xviii.
      1683, Apr. 17, 27.    1684, Feb. 12.        1685, Mar. 17.
            May 30.               July 2, 16, 23.       Aug. 18. 26.
            June 12.              Sept. 30.             Sept. 2.
                                  Dec. 9.               Oct. 8. 17, 31.
                                                        Nov. 7.

        A commission by the proprietors of East-New-Jersey to Robert
Barclay to be governor. Sm. N. J. 166.
        1683, July 17.
        An order of council for issuing a quo warranto against the
charter of the colony of the Massachuset's bay in New-England, with
his majesty's declaration that in case the said corporation of
Masschuset's bay shall before prosecution had upon the same quo
warranto make a full submission and entire resignation to his royal
pleasure, he will then regulate their charter in such a manner as
shall be for his service and the good of that colony. Title in Amer.
library. 139. 6.
        1683, July 26. 35. Car. 2.
        A commission to Lord Howard of Effingham to be lieutenant and
governor-general of Virginia. M. S.
        1683, Sept. 28. 35. Car. 2.
        The humble address of the chief governor, council and
representatives of the island of Nevis, in the West-Indies, presented
to his majesty by Colonel Netheway and Captain Jefferson, at Windsor,
May 3, 1684. Title in Amer. libr. 142. 3. cites Lond. Gaz. No. 1927.
        1684, May 3.
        A treaty with the Indians at Albany.
        1684, Aug. 2.
        A treaty of neutrality for America between France and England.
7. Corps. Dipl. part 2. p. 44. 2. Mem. Am. 40.
        1686, Nov. 16.
        By the king, a proclamation for the more effectual reducing and
suppressing of pirates and privateers in America, as well on the sea
as on the land in great numbers, committing frequent robberies and
piracies, which hath occasioned a great prejudice and obstruction to
trade and commerce, and given a great scandal and disturbance to our
government in those parts. Title Amer. libr. 147. 2. cites Lond.
Gaz. No. 2315.
        1687, Jan. 20.
        Constitution of the council of proprietors of West-Jersey.
Smith's N. Jersey. 199.
        1687, Feb. 12.
        A confirmation of the grant of the northern neck of Virginia to
Lord Culpeper.
        1687, qu. Sept. 27.
        4. Jac. 2.
        Governor Coxe's declaration to the council of proprietors of
West-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 190.
        1687, Sept. 5.
        Provisional treaty of Whitehall concerning America between
France and England. 2. Mem. de l'Am. 89.
        1687, Dec. 16.

        Governor Coxe's narrative relating to the division line,
directed to the council of proprietors of West-Jersey. Sm. App. N. 4.
        The representation of the council of proprietors of West-Jersey
to Governor Burnet. Smith. App. No. 5.
        The remonstrance and petition of the inhabitants of
East-New-Jersey to the king. Sm. App. No. 8.
        The memorial of the proprietors of East-New-Jersey to the Lords
of trade. Sm. App. No. 9.
        Agreement of the line of partition between East and
West-New-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 196.
        1688, Sept. 5.
        Conveiance of the government of West-Jersey and territories by
Dr. Coxe, to the West-Jersey society.
        A charter granted by King William and Queen Mary to the
inhabitants of the province of Massachuset's bay in New-England. 2.
Mem. de l'Am. 593.
        1691, Oct. 7.
        The frame of government of the province of Pennsylvania and the
territories thereunto belonging, passed by Governor Markham. Nov.  7,
        1696, Nov. 7.
        The treaty of peace between France and England, made at
Ryswick. 7. Corps Dipl. part. 2. p. 399. 2. Mem. Am. 89.
        1697, Sept. 20.
        The opinion and answer of the lords of trade to the memorial of
the proprietors of East-New-Jersey. Sm. App. No. 10.
        1699, July 5.
        The memorial of the proprietors of East-New-Jersey to the Lords
of trade. Sm. App. No. 11.
        The petition of the proprietors of East and West-New-Jersey to
the Lords justices of England. Sm. App. No. 12.
        1700, Jan. 15.
        A confirmation of the boundary between the colonies of New-York
and Connecticut, by the crown.
        1700, W. 3.
        The memorial of the proprietors of East and West-Jersey to the
king. Sm. App. No. 14.
        1701, Aug. 12.
        Representation of the lords of trade to the lords justices.
Sm. App. No. 13.
        1701, Oct. 2.
        A treaty with the Indians.
        Report of lords of trade to king William of draughts of a
commission and instructions for a governor of New-Jersey. Sm. N. J.
        1701 - 2, Jan. 6.
        Surrender from the proprietors of E. and W. N. Jersey of their
pretended right of government to her majesty Q. Anne. Sm. N. J.  211.
        1702, Apr. 15.
        The Queen's acceptance of the surrender of government of East
and West-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 219.
        1702, Apr. 17.
        Instructions to lord Cornbury. Sm. N. J. 230.
        1702, Nov. 16.
        A commission from Queen Anne to Lord Cornbury, to be
captain-general and governor in chief of New-Jersey. Sm. N. J. 220.
        1702, Dec. 5.
        Recognition by the council of proprietors of the true boundary
of the deeds of Sept. 10 and Oct. 10, 1677. (New-Jersey).  Sm. N. J.
        1703, June 27.

        Indian deed for the lands above the falls of the Delaware in
West-Jersey.Indian deed for the lands at the head of Rankokus river
in West-Jersey.
        A proclamation by Queen Anne for settling and ascertaining the
current rates of foreign coins in America. Sm. N. J. 281.
        1704, June 18.
        Additional instructions to Lord Cornbury. Sm. N. J. 235.
        1705, May 3.

        Additional instructions to Lord Cornbury. Sm. N. J. 258.
        1707, May 3.
        Additional instructions to Lord Cornbury. Sm. N. J. 259.
        1707, Nov. 20.
        An answer by the council of proprietors for the western
division of New-Jersey, to questions, proposed to them by Lord
Cornbury. Sm. N. J. 285.
        Instructions to Colonel Vetch in his negociations with the
governors of America. Sm. N. J. 364.
        1708 - 9, Feb. 28.
        Instructions to the governor of New-Jersey and New-York. Sm.
N. J. 361.
        1708 - 9, Feb. 28.
        Earl of Dartmouth's letter to governor Hunter.
        1710, Aug.
        Premieres propositions de la France. 6. Lamberty, 669. 2.  Mem.
Am. 341.
        1711, Apr. 22.
        Reponses de la France aux demandes preliminaires de la
Grande-Bretagne. 6. Lamb. 681. 2. Mem. Amer. 344.
        1711, Oct. 8.
        Demandes preliminaires plus particulieres de la
Grande-Bretagne, avec les reponses. 2. Mem. de l'Am. 346.
        1711, Sept. 27.
                Oct. 8.

        L'acceptation de la part de la Grande-Bretagne. 2. Mem. Am.
        1711, Sept. 27.
                Oct. 8.

        The queen's instructions to the Bishop of Bristol and Earl of
Strafford, her plenipotentiaries, to treat of a general peace. 6.
Lamberty, 744. 2. Mem. Am. 358.
        1711, Dec. 23.
        A memorial of Mr. St. John to the Marquis de Torci, with regard
to North America, to commerce, and to the suspension of arms.  7.
Recueil de Lamberty, 161. 2. Mem. de l'Amer. 376.
        1712, May 24.
        June 10.
        Reponse du roi de France au memoire de Londres. 7. Lamberty, p.
163. 2. Mem. Am. 380.
        1712, June 10.
        Traite pour une suspension d'armes entre Louis XIV. roi de
France, & Anne, reigne de la Grande-Bretagne, fait a Paris.  8. Corps
Diplom. part. 1. p. 308. 2. Mem. d'Am. 104.
        1712, Aug. 19.
        Offers of France to England, demands of England, and the
answers of France. 7. Rec. de Lamb. 491. 2. Mem. Am. 390.
        1712, Sept. 10.
        Traite de paix & d'amitie entre Louis XIV. roi de France, &
Anne, reine de la Grande-Bretagne, fait a Utrecht. 15. Corps
Diplomatique de Dumont, 339. id. Latin. 2. Actes & memoires de la
pais d'Utrecht, 457. id. Lat. Fr. 2. Mem. Am. 113.
        1713, Mar. 31.
        Apr. 11.
        Traite de navigation & de commerce entre Louis XIV. roi de
France, & Anne, reine de la Grande-Bretagne. Fait a Utrecht. 8.
Corps. Dipl. part. 1. p. 345. 2. Mem. de l'Am. 137.
        1713, Mar. 31.
        Apr. 11.
        A treaty with the Indians.
        The petition of the representatives of the province of
New-Jersey, to have a distinct governor. Sm. N. J. 421.
        1728, Jan.
        Deed of release by the government of Connecticut to that of
        1732, G. 2.
        The charter granted by George II. for Georgia. 4. Mem. de l'Am.
        1732, June 9 - 20. 5. G. 2.
        Petition of Lord Fairfax, that a commission might issue for
running and marking the dividing line between his district and the
province of Virginia.
        Order of the king in council for Commissioners to survey and
settle the said dividing line between the proprietary and royal
        1733, Nov. 29.
        Report of the lords of trade relating to the separating the
government of the province of New-Jersey from New-York. Sm. N. J.
        1736, Aug. 5.
        Survey and report of the commissioners appointed on the part of
the crown to settle the line between the crown and Lord Fairfax.
        1737, Aug. 10.
        Survey and report of the commissioners appointed on the part of
Lord Fairfax to settle the line between the crown and him.
        1737, Aug. 11.
        Order of reference of the surveys between the crown and Lord
Fairfax to the council for plantation affairs.
        1738, Dec. 21.
        Treaty with the Indians of the 6 nations at Lancaster.
        1744, June
        Report of the council for plantation affairs, fixing the head
springs of Rappahanoc and Patowmac, and a commission to extend the
        1745, Apr. 6.
        Order of the king in council confirming the said report of the
council for plantation affairs.
        1745, Apr. 11.
        Articles preliminaires pour parvenir a la paix, signes a
Aix-la-Chapelle entre les ministres de France, de la Grande-Bretagne,
& des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas. 2. Mem. de l'Am. 159.
        1748, Apr. 30.
        Declaration des ministres de France, de la Grande-Bretagne, &
des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas, pour rectifier les articles I. &
II. des preliminaires. 2. Mem. Am. 165.
        1748, May 21.
        The general and definitive treaty of peace concluded at
Aix-la-Chapelle. Lond. Mag. 1748. 503 French. 2. Mem. Am. 169.
        1748, Oct. 7 - 18.
        22. G. 2.
        A treaty with the Indians.
        A conference between Governor Bernard and Indian nations at
Burlington. Sm. N. J. 449.
        1758, Aug. 7.
        A conference between Governor Denny, Governor Bernard and
others, and Indian nations at Easton. Sm. N. J. 455.
        1758, Oct. 8.

        The capitulation of Niagara.
        1759, July 25. 33. G. 2.
        The king's proclamation promising lands to souldiers.
        175 --
        The definitive treaty concluded at Paris. Lond. Mag. 1763.
        1763, Feb. 10. 3. G. 3.
        A proclamation for regulating the cessions made by the last
treaty of peace. Guth. Geogr. Gram. 623.
        1763, Oct. 7. G. 3.
        The king's proclamation against settling on any lands on the
waters, westward of the Alleghaney.
        Deed from the six nations of Indians to William Trent and
others for lands betwixt the Ohio and Monongahela. View of the title
to Indiana. Phil. Styner and Cist. 1776.
        1768, Nov. 3.
        Deed from the six nations of Indians to the crown for certain
lands and settling a boundary. M. S.
        1768, Nov. 5.