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Notes to Chapter VIII

* Volume and page numbers in parentheses refer to the three-volume edition of The Rise of the Dutch Republic, published by Harper, New York, 1856.

1. Shester Higby and Bradford Schantz use the analogy to drama (as Motley does) when discussing the Dutch Republic, but they include both Parts I and II in the "prologue." Representative Selections, p. lxxxiii. For my discussion of Motley's "Historical Introduction" see above, Chapter IV.

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2. See, for example, Dutch Republic, III, 239, 259.

3. Compare his treatment of the rebels' finances, ibid., II, 375, 386. He says that the Dutch captured enough treasure to finance the war for two years, but soon he is once again lamenting William's lack of funds, and he does not explain the discrepancy.

4. Ibid., I, 552, 553, 564, 565, 569, 571, 572. Cf. II, 103-4, 108, 166, 167; III, 620, 622.

5. She has promised Montigny's mother that she will intercede for him.

6. See above, Chapter II.

7. This entire section leads to Philip's own statement that the Spanish Inquisition was not needed in the Netherlands, because "the inquisition of the Netherlands is much more pitiless than that of Spain." Motley italicized these words, ibid., I, 341.

8. See, for example, the paragraphs on Charles V's treachery and niggardliness, ibid., pp. 119-20.

9. See, for example, ibid., II, 254-55, 542-44.

10. Motley, Correspondence, I, 225 (May 16, 1858).

11. "The weather-beaten Palinurus, as [Viglius] loved to call himself, had conducted his own argosy so warily that he used his whole cargo and perished in port at last." Dutch Republic, III, 207-8. Cf. II, 49-50; III, 398.

12. See, for example, his detailed account of the torture of a naked bride on her wedding night, the night of the Spanish Fury, ibid., pp. 114-15; cf. I, 68, for another among dozens of examples.

13. For pairs, see, for example, ibid., p. 482: "boldly and bitterly"; II, 148: "clemency and forgiveness" and "distinguished and doomed seigniors." For rhetorical questions, see I, 53, 54, 66-67, 68, 72, 558.