from page 370, Sherwood Anderson: A Psychological Naturalist
*The notes that follow are from the syllabus. Publisher.

from page 372, A New Romance
* Cabell omitted, as there is a fuller discussion of him given.-Publisher.

from page 373, 1917-1924
* From the syllabus. Publisher. ' For a statement of the reaction of a young intellectual to the war, see Randolph Bourne, Untimely Papers, 1919.

from William Allen White: A Son of the Middle Border
2 For a criticism of Nicholson, see Randolph Bourne, The History of a Literary Radical, p. 128.

from page 375, Booth Tarkington: The Dean of American Middle Class Letters
3 See Mr. Cabell's criticism in Beyond Life, pp. 301-307. 4 For a review see the Nation, March 19, 1924.

from page 377, Donn Byrne
* Sinclair Lewis omitted, as fuller material has been given.-Publisher. ** From the third section in the syllabus, which deals with "A New Romance." Publisher. 5 See Cabeil's review of Messer Marco Polo in Straws and Prayer-Books, pp. 52-59o The writer's full name is Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne.

from page 381, Certain Other Writers
6 For a striking characterization of Hergesheimer, see The Bookman, May, 1922. For an appreciation, see Cabell, Straws and Prayer-Books, pp. 195-221.

from page 385, Some War Books
* See remarks on Miss Cather in the introduction to the text edition of Ole Rolvaag's Giants in the Earth, which follows these syllabus notes.-Publisher.

from page 387, Ole Rolvagg's "Giants in the Earth"
* Introduction to the text edition of Rolvaag's Giants in the Earth. Copyright 1929 by Harper and Brothers, by whose permission it is reprinted here. Publisher.

from page 397, The Short Story
*Lecture notes. This subject was not included in the contents, but contains some matter of interest. Publisher.

from page 401, A Chapter in American Liberalism
* This was apparently not intended as the introduction to Part I of Book Three, but covers much of the ground indicated there. Publisher.