Bessy Conway; or, The Irish Girl in America.


By Mary Anne Sadlier

A note on the text:

In an effort to make searching and referencing easier, the original page numbering has been inserted at appropriate places within the text. In addition, Mary Anne Sadlier's style and extensive use of dialect has been maintained. Sadlier's style differs from modern editing style in her frequent use of exclamation points, dashes and commas; she consistently does not capitalize the words following an interjection or broken phrase. The original orthography also has been preserved.

In addition, I have given each chapter a short title. Although Sadlier gave descriptive chapter titles to her 1855 novel The Blakes and the Flanagans, she only titled one chapter of Bessy Conway -- "Chapter III -- The Storm." I have created these titles purely for ease of reference for the reader; in writing the titles I have attempted to give a brief plot summary, and well as stick closely Sadlier's writing style.

Lastly for aesthetic reasons I also have added illustrations complement the story line of each chapter. The 1861 D. & J. Sadlier edition includes only two illustrations -- the drawing of Bessy Conway to the left, and the "Castle of Ardfinnan" that illustrates Chapter 22. All other illustrations and photographs have been taken from other sources, purely for visual effect.

This hypertext edition was taken from the original 1861 edition by D. & J. Sadlier. Bessy Conway was originally serialized in the New York Tablet.

Preface: Important Words for Parents
(Pages 3-4)
Chapter 1: Leaving Home:
(Pages 5-19)
Chapter 2 : Embarkation from Liverpool
(Pages 20-35)
Chapter 3 : The Storm
(Pages 36-48)
Chapter 4 : A Wedding Aboard Ship
(Pages 49-61)
Chapter 5 : Bessy Arrives in New York
(Pages 62-76)
Chapter 6 : Bessy Rebuffs Mr. Herbert
(Pages 77-89)
Chapter 7 : Ned Finigan Open His "Castle"
(Pages 90-102)
Chapter 8 : Surprising News for Dolly Sheehan
(Pages 103-117)
Chapter 9 : Bessy Earns a Promotion (Pages 118-131)
Chapter 10 : Bessy Writes Home
(Pages 132-145)
Chapter 11 : Bessy Finds a New Mistress
(Pages 146-159)
Chapter 12 : Mary Murphy's Social Aspirations
(Pages 160-172)
Chapter 13 : Ned Finigan's Business Dealings
(Pages 173-184)
Chapter 14 : Mary Murphy's Elopment
(Pages 185-199)
Chapter 15 : Bessy Makes a Friend and Finds Another Mistress
(Pages 199-213)
Chapter 16 : Ned and Ally Finigan Reep What They Sow
(Pages 214-228)
Chapter 17 : Bessy Rebuffs Mr. Herbert Once Again
(Pages 229-243)
Chapter 18 : Paul Branigan's Revelation
(Pages 244-257)
Chapter 19 : Famine Comes to Ardfinnan
(Pages 258-269)
Chapter 20 : A Welcome Reunion
(Pages 270-283)
Chapter 21 : The Landlords Meet Fairy Vengeance
(Pages 284-297)
Chapter 22 : Strange Visitations at Ardfinnan Abbey
(Pages 298-316)

Illustrations taken from frontispiece to 1861 edition.

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