This book was written while on holiday some three thousand miles away from data, documents, and means of verification.  It is written from memory and, although I have had time and have tried to check up, I feel sure that the safest thing is to let it go as cautious merchants do when they send out statements -- with the caveat: E. and O. E. -- errors and omissions excepted.  I haven't tried to write a history of any of the lively arts, nor intended to mention all of those who practice them.  I should, however, feel sorry if I have omitted anyone who has given me intense pleasure, even though the omission has not, in any way, the countenance of a slur. 

Everything else that properly belongs in a preface has found its way into the two chapters: The Great God Bogus and Before a Picture by Picassso -- and the acknowledgments are numerous and serious enough to need a place for themselves in the apendix. 

G. S. 

Ile St Louis -- New York City 
March 1923 -- February 1924 

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