Dates used are old style. Prior to 1752, when the calendar was changed, the year began on March 25 and ended March 24.

1585 August 17. Sir Walter Raleigh's first settlers reach Roanoke Island in 'Virginia.'

1591 Roanoke Island settlers having disappeared, the colony is abandoned.

1606 April 10. James I grants joint charter to two companies to colonize 'Virginia.'

1607 May 14. First permanent English settlement in the New World established at Jamestown.

1607 August. Colonists of Plymouth Company land at Kennebec (Maine) but make only temporary settlement.
December. Captain John Smith saved by Pocahontas.

1608 January 12. Arrival of 'First Supply.'

1609 May 23. London Company granted second charter.

1609-10 'Starving Time'; between September and June population drops from about 500 to 60.

1610 May 23. Sir Thomas Gates, first governor, arrives at Jamestown.
June 8. Colonists having abandoned Jamestown, return upon arrival of Thomas West, Lord Delaware, at Point Comfort.

1611 March 12. London Company granted third charter. (March 22, 1612, n.s.)

1612 John Rolfe introduces the cultivation of tobacco for export.

1613 John Rolfe marries Pocahontas at Jamestown.

1619 July 30. First representative legislature in America--House of Burgesses --meets in Jamestown.
August 30. First Negroes arrive at Jamestown.
First iron foundry in America established on Falling Creek.

1620 First shipload of 'maids' arrives to become wives of settlers.
December 11. Pilgrims, authorized to settle in southern Virginia, land at Plymouth, having been thrown off course.

1622 March 22. Indian Massacre wipes out about one third of colonists.

1624 June 16. London Company's charter revoked by King's Bench; Virginia becomes royal colony.
Doctrine of no taxation without representation is first asserted in Virginia by burgesses.

1628-29 Population about 3,000.

1629 October 30. Province of Carolina carved from Virginia by royal grant to Sir Robert Heath.

1632 Province of Maryland carved from Virginia by royal grant to Lord Baltimore.

1634 First eight counties formed.
February 12. Syms Free School endowed-first educational institution endowed and oldest free school in the United States.

1635 Population about 5,000.
Sir John Harvey 'thrust out' by council and burgesses, who make first assertion of colonists' right to order own government.

1644 April 18. Second Indian massacre kills about 300 colonists.

1649 Virginians assert their allegiance to Charles II.

1650 Population about 20,000, including 5,000 indentured whites, 300 Negroes.
Southwest Virginia explored by Abraham Wood and Edmund Bland.
October. First navigation act passed by Parliament, banishing Dutch vessels from Virginia.

1651 March 12. Virginia capitulates to the Commonwealth. (March 22, 1652, n.s.).

1652-60 Only period of almost complete self-government in Colonial Virginia.

1652 May 5. Burgesses declare that 'the right of election of all officers of the Colony appertain to the Burgesses.'

1659 March 13. Burgesses declare the 'Supreme power of the government' in Virginia rests in them; Berkeley elected governor.

1660 July 31. Charles II reappoints Berkeley as royal governor.

1670 Population about 40,000, including 6,000 indentured whites, 2,000 Negro slaves.

1673 Northern Neck of Virginia, granted to Lord Hopton and associates in 1649 by Charles II, actually becomes a proprietary when Lord Culpeper assumes control. Proprietary rights to all Virginia are bestowed upon Lord Arlington and Lord Culpeper.

1675 Susquehannock Indian War.

1676 Bacon's Rebellion.

1680 An act for the establishment of one town for each county passed by general assembly; Charles II suspends its operation.

1682 Tobacco Riots.

1691 General assembly re-enacts law providing for towns, but suspends operation of the act in 1693.

1693 February 8. The College of William and Mary, second institution of higher learning in America, founded at Middle Plantation (Williamsburg).

1699 Seat of government moved to Middle Plantation.
Act for religious tolerance passed.
First group of Huguenots reach Virginia.

1700 Population about 70,000, including 5,000 to 6,000 Negroes.

1705 Basis of independence from counties of Virginia's future cities laid by general assembly.

1716 First theater in United States built in Williamsburg.

1722 Williamsburg, capital of the colony, becomes first incorporated municipality in Virginia.

1730 Population 114,000, including 30,000 Negroes.

1736 August 6. First newspaper in Virginia founded at Williamsburg.

1749 In transmontane Virginia 500,000 acres granted to Ohio Company and 800,000 to Loyal Company; Christopher Gist explores Ohio tract to falls of Ohio River (present Louisville).

1754 George Washington with Virginia troops advances against the French in the Ohio Valley, precipitating French and Indian War.

1755 July 9. Upon fatal wounding of General Edward Braddock, Washington rallies British regulars and Colonials near Fort Duquesne.

1755-56 Population 294,000, including 120,000 Negroes.

1758 November 25. Fort Duquesne occupied.

1759 General assembly creates standing committee of correspondence to exchange information with colony's agent in London.

1763 December 1. Patrick Henry flouts British rule in the Parsons' Cause.
French and Indian War ends; transmontane region ceded to British.
Royal proclamation forbids further grants west of Alleghenies.

1765 May 29. Patrick Henry, protesting the Stamp Act, delivers in house of burgesses 'Caesar-Brutus' speech.

1766 February 27. One hundred and fifteen patriots sign Leedstown Resolutions embodying principles later incorporated in Declaration of Independence.

1769 First 'lunatic asylum' in America established at Williamsburg.

1773 March 14. Burgesses develop intercolonial committee of correspondence, which includes four members of old committee.

1774 May 27. Burgesses meet in Raleigh Tavern, call convention, and propose congress of the Colonies.
June 1. Virginia observes Fast Day in protest of Boston Port Bill.
August 1. First Virginia Convention meets, chooses delegates to Continental Congress.
September 5. Peyton Randolph of Virginia elected president of First Continental Congress.
October 10. General Andrew Lewis defeats Shawnee at Point Pleasant (now West Virginia).

1775 March 23. Patrick Henry delivers 'liberty or death' speech in Second Virginia Convention in Richmond.
June 15. Washington chosen commander in chief of Continental Army.
October 24. First bloodshed of Revolution in Virginia at Hampton.

1776 May 6-June 29. Fifth Virginia Convention meets in Williamsburg, declares Virginia independent State, instructs Virginia's delegates to Continental Congress to propose independence; adopts George Mason's declaration of rights and first constitution of a free and independent state, and elects Patrick Henry first governor of Commonwealth.
June 7. Richard Henry Lee offers in Continental Congress resolutions for independence, foreign alliances, and a form of confederacy.
July 2. Lee's resolutions adopted by Congress.
July 4. Declaration of Independence, phrased by Thomas Jefferson, adopted by Congress.
December 5. Phi Beta Kappa Society, first intercollegiate fraternity in United States, founded at Williamsburg.
Kentucky established as a county of Virginia.

1778 July 9. Virginia ratifies Articles of Confederation.

1779 February 25. George Rogers Clark with Virginia troops takes Vincennes.
May 9. First formal invasion of Virginia by British who came by sea.
June 15. Act passed authorizing removal of capital to Richmond.
First law school in America established at College of William and Mary, which that year became first American university.

1780 April 30. Governor Jefferson moves executive office to Richmond.
December 30. Benedict Arnold with 27 ships arrives in James River.

1781 April 29. La Fayette reaches Richmond.
May 20. Cornwallis reaches Petersburg, taking command of combined British forces.
May 24. La Fayette begins retreat before Cornwallis.
June 4. Warned by Jack Jouette, Jefferson and Virginia Legislature escape Colonel Tarleton, who arrives in Charlottesville.
October 19. Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown.

1782 Population 567,114, including 270,262 Negro slaves.

1784 March 1. Virginia cedes Northwest Territory to United States.
February 5. Alexandria Gazette, State's first daily newspaper, founded.

1785 Virginia Statute for Religious Liberty passes legislature.
March 28. Mt. Vernon Conference, called by Virginia Legislature, results in movement toward Constitutional Convention.

1786 September 11. Annapolis Convention meets at invitation of Virginia Legislature--second step toward Constitutional Convention.

1787 May 25. George Washington elected president of Constitutional Convention, meeting at Philadelphia.
May 29. Governor Edmund Randolph submits to Convention Madison's Virginia Plan-basis of deliberations.

1788 June 26. Virginia ratifies Federal Constitution, 89 to 79.

1789 April 30. George Washington inaugurated first President of United States.
December 3. Virginia cedes to United States part of area for seat of government.

1790 Population 747,610, including 305,493 Negroes of whom about 12,000 are free.
Virginia Legislature remonstrates against Assumption Bill-first remonstrance of a state against a Federal act.

1791 December 15. America's Bill of Rights added to the Constitution when nine amendments offered by James Madison and tenth by Richard Henry Lee are ratified.

1798 December 21. Legislature adopts 'Virginia Resolutions,' protesting Alien and Sedition laws.

1799 First ship constructed by the Federal Government-the Chesapeake-is built at the Gosport Navy Yard.

1800 Population 880,200, including 345,896 slaves and 20,124 free Negroes.

1801 March 4. Thomas Jefferson inaugurated President.

1803 February 23. Chief justice John Marshall of Virginia hands down opinion asserting U.S. Supreme Court's right of Judicial review.
April 30. James Monroe, Jefferson's emissary, concludes treaty with France for Purchase of Louisiana Territory.

1804 May 14. Lewis and Clark, commissioned by Jefferson, begin exploration of Louisiana Territory.

1807 May 22. Trial of Aaron Burr begins in Richmond.
June 22. British frigate Leopard attacks Chesapeake off Virginia capes.
December 22. Congress passes Jefferson's Embargo Act.

1809 March 4. James Madison inaugurated President.

1810 Population 974,600, including 392,510 slaves and 30,573 free Negroes.

1812 June 18. President Madison signs Congressional act declaring war upon England.

1813 British fleet ravages areas contiguous to Virginia waters.

1814 August 24. President and Mrs. Madison flee to Virginia before British entering Washington.

1816 August 19-23. Western Virginians, meeting at Staunton, demand new State constitution equalizing representation.

1817 March 4. James Monroe inaugurated President.

1819 January 25. University of Virginia established.
February 22. President Monroe's envoys conclude treaty with Spain for acquisition of Floridas.

1820 Population 1,065,366, including 425,153 slaves and 36,889 free Negroes.

1823 April 24. Stephen F. Austin of Virginia obtains grant of land in Texas from Mexico for colonization.
December 2. President Monroe promulgates the 'Monroe Doctrine.'

1825 January 11. President Monroe's signature concludes treaty with Russia establishing Northwest boundary.
March 4. End of 'Virginia Dynasty.'

1829 February 21. Legislature condemns 'Tariff of Abominations' as unconstitutional.

1830 Population 1,211,405, including 469,757 slaves and 47,348 free Negroes.

1831 August 21. Nat Turner's slave insurrection.

1832 Bill to abolish slavery in Virginia lost in house of delegates by vote of 67 to 60.

1835 Edgar Allan Poe becomes editor of Southern Literary Messenger, in which his first short stories have already appeared.

1836 October 22. Sam Houston of Virginia elected first President of Republic of Texas.

1840 Population 1,239,797, including 449,087 slaves and 49,852 free Negroes.

1841 March 4. William Henry Harrison of Virginia inaugurated President.
April 4. John Tyler of Virginia inaugurated President.

1842 January 24. Thomas Walker Gilmer of Virginia moves that Congress censure John Quincy Adams for presenting petition from abolitionists for peaceful dissolution of Union.

1845 March 1. President Tyler signs bill annexing Texas.

1846 May 1. Southern Methodists, meeting in Petersburg, organize Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

1847 September 13. General Winfield Scott of Virginia takes Mexico City.

1849 March 4. Zachary Taylor of Virginia inaugurated President.

1850 Population 1,421,661, including 472,528 slaves and 54,333 free Negroes.

1851 October 23-25. New constitution, providing liberal white male franchise, ratified by big majority.

1859 October 16. John Brown and band seize U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, are later suppressed by troops under Colonel R.E.Lee.
December 2. John Brown hanged.

1860 Population 1,596,318, including 490,865 slaves and 58,042 free Negroes.

1861 February 4. 'Peace Conference,' called by Virginia Legislature, meets in Washington, attended by representatives of 21 states.
February 13. State Convention (Secession Convention) meets, but refuses to consider secession until peace overtures are exhausted.
April 17. State Convention votes for secession 88 to 55.
April 25. Virginia joins the Confederate States.
May 21. Richmond chosen capital of Confederacy.
July 21. First Battle of Manassas.

1862 March 9. Battle between Monitor and Merrimac in Hampton Roads.
March 23. Battle of Kernstown (beginning of Jackson's Valley Campaign).
June 26. Seven Days' Battles around Richmond begin.
August 29-30. Second Battle of Manassas.
December 13. Battle of Fredericksburg.

1863 May 2-3. Battle of Chancellorsville; Jackson mortally wounded.
June 20. Virginia divided; West Virginia admitted as a State.

1864 May 5-6. Battle of Wilderness.
May 8-18. Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.
June 3. Second Battle of Cold Harbor.
June 15-18. Battle of Petersburg; siege begins.

1865 April 2-3. Richmond and Petersburg evacuated by Confederates.
April 9. Lee surrenders at Appomattox.
May 22. Jefferson Davis imprisoned at Fort Monroe.

1867 March 2. Virginia designated as Military District No.1 under Reconstruction Act.
May 13. Jefferson Davis, arraigned in Richmond and indicted for treason, is admitted to bail.

1869 July 6. New State constitution ratified.
October 8. Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to Constitution ratified.

1870 Population 1,225,163, including 512,841 Negroes.
January 26. Virginia readmitted to Union.

1880 Population 1,512,565, including 631,616 Negroes.

1889 April 24. Simpson dry dock, largest in world, opened at Newport News.

1890 Population 1,655,080, including 635,438 Negroes.

1894 March. Legislative Act provides for secret balloting.

1900 Population 1,854,184, including 660,722 Negroes.
May 12. Legislature passes 'Jim Crow' law.

1902 July 10. New State constitution, effective by proclamation, improving public education and governmental efficiency and virtually eliminating Negro vote through poll tax and 'understanding clause.'

1907 April 26. Jamestown Exposition opens to commemorate 300th anniversary of first landing of English settlers at Cape Henry.
December 16. Atlantic Fleet, commanded by Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans of Virginia, leaves Hampton Roads for World Cruise.

1908 Staunton, Virginia, is first city to adopt city manager form of government.

1910 Population 2,061,612, including 671,096 Negroes.

1913 March 4. Woodrow Wilson of Virginia inaugurated President.

1914 November 18. Wilson signs Federal Reserve Bank Act, fathered by Congressman Carter Glass of Virginia.

1915 June 14. U.S. Supreme Court decision places upon West Virginia obligation to share Virginia's ante-bellum State debt.

1917 April 6. President Wilson signs Congressional Act declaring war upon Germany.
Hampton Roads becomes great naval and military base.

1918 The College of William and Mary admits women.
The budget system, sponsored by Governor Westmoreland Davis, is adopted.

1920 Population 2,309,187, including 690,017 Negroes.
Women admitted to graduate and professional schools of University of Virginia.
November 2. Virginia women vote, though Virginia had voted against ratification of Nineteenth Amendment.

1922 February 27. State Board of Public Welfare evolves from State Board of Charities and Corrections.
March 24. State Highway Commission created.
March 27. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court established.

1924 March 20. Act provides for sterilization of persons committed to State institutions.

1927 April 27. Act for reorganization of State government, sponsored by Governor Harry Flood Byrd, passes general assembly.

1930 Population 2,421,851, including 650,165 Negroes.
March 17. Legislative act exempts new manufactories from taxation for five years under specified conditions.

1936 December 18. Act approved, in conformity with Federal Social Security Act, creating Unemployment Compensation Commission.

1938 March 31. Public assistance Act revised and approved, in conformity with Federal Social Security Act, to render old age assistance, aid to dependent children, aid to the blind, and for general relief.


Current information is readily available in the tourist guides issued by the Virginia Conservation Commission; commercial, industrial, and tourist publications, issued by the State Chamber of Commerce and chambers of commerce of cities; booklets of the Department of Agriculture and Immigration of Virginia; and information and maps issued by the Virginia Department of Highways. The industrial and agricultural surveys, issued by the Engineering Extension Division and Agricultural Extension Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and the economic and social surveys in the University of Virginia Record Extension Series are published separately for each county, with about half of the counties covered.


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1940 Census Figures

STATE TOTAL 2,677,773
RURAL TOTAL 1,733,098


Alexandria 33,523
Bristol 9,768
Buena Vista 4,335
Charlottesville 19,400
Clifton Forge 6,461
Danville 32,749
Fredericksburg 10,066
Hampton 5,898
Harrisonburg 8,768
Hopewell 8,679
Lynchburg 44,541
Martinsville 10,080

Newport News 37,067
Norfolk 144,332
Petersburg 30,631
Portsmouth 50,745
Radford 6,990
Richmond 193,042
Roanoke 69,287
South Norfolk 8,038
Staunton 13,337
Suffolk 11,343
Williamsburg 3,942
Winchester 1,295


Abingdon 3,158
Alberta 416
Altavista 2,919
Amherst 930
Appalachia 3,010
Appomattox 922
Arlington County 57,040
Ashland 1,718
Bedford 3,973
Belle Haven 277
Berryville 1,262
Big Stone Gap 4,331
Blacksburg 2,133
Blackstone 2,600
Bluefield 3,021
Bond Town 288
Boone Mill 377
Bowling Green 541
Boyce 342
Boydton 424
Boykins 699
Branchville, 153
Bridgewater 993
Broadway 506
Broadnax 536
Brookneal 736
Buchanan 868
Buckingham 160
Burkeville 658
Cambria 810
Cape Charles 2,299
Capron 291
Cedar Bluff 823
Charlotte Courthouse 399
Chase City 1,896
Chatham 1,230
Chilhowie 880
Chincoteague 2,142
Christiansburg 2,209
Claremont 380
Clarksville 826
Clifton 194
Clinchport 346
Clintwood 1,106
Clover 252
Coeburn 764
Colonial Beach 1,105
Colonial Heights 1194
Columbia 144
Courtland 459
Covington 6,300
Crewe 2,048
Culpeper 2,316
Damascus 140
Dayton 632
Dendron 465
Dillwyn 436
Drakes Branch 438
Draper 241
Dublin 576
Duffield 83
Dumfries 480
Dungannon 333
Eastville 3A
Edinburg 565
Elkton 1,050
Emporia 2,735
Fairfax 979
Falls Church 2,576
Farmville 3,475
Fincastle 442
Floyd 479
Franklin 3,466
Fries 1,677
Front Royal 3,831
Galax 3,195
Gate City 1,565
Glade Spring 686
Glasgow 938
Glen Lyn 259
Gordonsville 508
Goshen 187
Gretna 610
Grottoes 759
Grundy 1,476
Halifax 536
Hamilton 409
Haymarket 156
Haysi 623
Herndon 1,046
Hillsboro 115
Hillsville 656
Honaker 851
Independence 420
Iron Gate 710
Ivor 339

Jarratt 458
Jonesville 588
Kenbridge 847
Keysville 607
Kilmarnock 614
La Crosse 524
Lawrencedale 1,703
Lebanon 622
Leesburg 1,698
Lexington 1914
Louisa 365
Lovettsville 248
Luray 1,511
McDowell 110
McKenney 453
Madison 281
Manassas 19,302
Marion 5.177
Meadow View 596
Mendota 173
Middleburg 629
Middletown 361
Mineral 427
Monterey 309
Mount Crawford 290
Mount Jackson 562
Narrows 1489
Newcastle 253
New Market 620
Nickelsville 256
North Tazewell 688
Norton 4,006
Occoquan 213
Onancock 1,283
Orange 1,980
Pamplin City 273
Parksley 701
Pearisburg 987
Pennington Gap I M )o
Phoebus 3~503
Phoenix 340
Pocabontas 2,623
Port Royal 123
Pulaski 8,792
PurcelIville 787
Quantico 1,139
Remington 226
Richlands 2,203
Ridgeway 422
Rocky Mount 1,366
Round Hill 337
Rural Retreat 440
St. Charles 482
St. Paul 746
Salem 5,737
SaltviUe 2,650
Scottsburg 239
Scottsville 368
Shenandoah 1,829
Singers Glen 120
Smithfield 1,178
South Boston
South Hill 1,739
Stanardsville 212
Stanley 37
Stephens City 600
Stony Creek 493
Strasburg x,968
Stuart 720
Surry 254
Tangier 1,020
Tappahannock 783
Tazewell 1,374
The Plains 372
Timberville 252
Toms Brook 219
Troutdale 334
Urbanna 482
Victoria 1,555
Vienna 1,237
Vinton 3,455
Virgilina 358
Virginia Beach 2,600
Wachapreague 548
Wakefield 687
Warrenton 1,651
Washington 245
Waterford 247
Waverly 1,288
Waynesboro 7,373
West Point 11,947
Wielile qi
Windsor 411
Wise 1,226
Woodstock 1,546
Wythevlle 4,653
Yorktown 521

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