Guide to the Old Dominion

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Michael Anderson
Appropriating Appalachia: Southern Hillfolk in the American Mind, 1884-1941:
Patrick Brady
Out of One, Many: Regionalism in FSA Photography
Jessica Coe
Colonial Williamsburg: The Corporate Town
Scott Cook
Creating Historic Albemarle
Luke Dunnington
Colonial Williamsburg: Advertising and Marketing
Austin Graham
The Savage Genius: Louis Armstrong's Film Roles in the Depression
Danielle Hall
Colonial Williamsburg: The Ideological Origins of the Restoration
Ken Hincker
Diamonds Amidst the Dust: Virginia Student Life in the Depression
Katherine Lane
Aberdeen Gardens: Building a Community for blacks, by blacks
Pat Pontius
Colonial Williamsburg: A Shrine of Civil Religion
David Sarratt
Everyday Life in Charlottesville: The Progressive Tradition
Pat Walters
The Daily Progress: Charlottesville Survives the Depression
Michelle Vizzusso
The Art of the Great Depression: New Deal Photographs and Murals

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