Chapter 1: The Southern Social Circle

Chapter 2: The Negro Sale

Chapter 3: The Slave-Speculator

Chapter 4: The Boat-Race

Chapter 5: The Young Mother

Chapter 6: The Slave-Market

Chapter 7: The Slave-Holding Parson

Chapter 8: A Night in the Parson's Kitchen

Chapter 9: The Man of Honor

Chapter 10: The Quadroon's Home

Chapter 11: To-Day a Mistress, To-Morrow a Slave

Chapter 12: The Mother-in-Law

Chapter 13: The Hard-Hearted Woman

Chapter 14: The Prison

Chapter 15: The Arrest

Chapter 16: Death is Freedom

Chapter 17: Clotelle

Chapter 18: A Slave-Hunting Parson

Chapter 19: The True Heroine

Chapter 20: The Hero of Many Adventures

Chapter 21: Self-Sacrifice

Chapter 22: Love at First Sight and What Followed

Chapter 23: Meeting the Cousins

Chapter 24: The Law and Its Victim

Chapter 25: The Flight

Chapter 26: The Hero of a Night

Chapter 27: True Freedom

Chapter 28: Farewell to America

Chapter 29: A Stranger in a Strange Land

Chapter 30: New Friends

Chapter 31: The Mysterious Meeting

Chapter 32: The Happy Meeting

Chapter 33: The Happy Day

Chapter 34: Clotelle Meets Her Father

Chapter 35: The Father's Resolve

Chapter 36: The Return Home

Chapter 37: The Angel of Mercy

Chapter 38: The Great Tunnel and The Mistake

Chapter 39: Conclusion