AS@UVA Hypertexts

The hypertexts in this collection have been produced by students at The University of Virginia, primarily students enrolled in The American Studies Program, but also by people in the American Studies Group,a loose affiliation of students, faculty and staff who share an interest in American Studies, new media, and learning.

A major objective is to make ourselves useful by providing free access to three kinds of texts:

Classic texts:
Benchmark texts like DeTocqueville's Democracy in America, to which students of American Culture often refer;
Lost Texts:
Texts which were once powerful cultural objects or forces but which have been rendered invisible over time;
Full Hypertexts:
Texts which we have amplified, extended, or enriched by linking them to other materials (text, graphics, audio, and/or video) that either re-contextualize them -- place them back in the cultural context from which they originally rose -- or comment on them from a contemporary perspective.
Our primary objective, however, has been to learn about American Culture(s)by simultanesly exploring the new technologies. The learning process here, as always, is a messy and uneven business: none of the texts are scholarly editions; some of them are uneven in quality and reliability; none are meant to offer a satisfactory alternative to printed texts. We offer them, however -- warts and all -- with some confidence that their cost will never exceed their benefit to the user.