1. This phrase referencing Scripture, was removed: "if we take the Scripture, “that riches are not to men of understanding,” or if we take the fact,"

2. This paragraph replaces what follows here in the 1819 edition: "But the Captain having spent many an hour with the lawyer before he was blind, had not failed to enquire for him on his return to the village, and now had the leisure to pay him a visit. Coming in just as he was beginning a lecture with the blind fidler by his side, he did not interrupt him but let him go on, as we shall also, and give the lecture as he delivered it, and as a short hand writer took it down. It was as follows:"

3. Brackenridge edited out this final sentence from Chapter 6: "The lecture now ended, the Captain paid his score, for the privilege of hearing, and to the fidler, for the tune that followed, and so took his leave."