Brackenridge melded the original beginning of Chapter 9 into the pre-existing Chapter 8. It appears that he wished to section off this following part of Chapter 9. We have indicated this with a horizontal rule.

This section marks the original beginning of Chapter 9 from the earlier edition.

Originally, this line read "You son of a whore." Apparently that language was too strong. It is unclear whether the publisher or Brackenridge made this correction, but he has softened language in other places in the text, as well as replacing references or exclamations involving the word "God."

Deleted from this edition is a line between the end of this sentence and the next. It reads: "His back ish not broke more ash mine."

The subtitle "Observations" is added for this 1819 edition.

This idiosyncratic spelling of "Quixote" occurs throughout Modern Chivalry whenever the novel or the character is referred to.

This Conclusion appeared as a separate chapter until this 1819 edition.