1. The serial edition contained the following to end this paragraph: ", but must proceed in a prosaic way with the narrative, a parte post, and say nothing of the exparte ante."

2. This paragraph that followed was deleted, and the material that follows in the 1819 text was added.

"The Governor was thinking of a lady for his castle, or mansion house; but does not seem to have succeeded; for he remains yet unmarried. Teague, as we have seen, had been heretofore much in request with the ladies; and still more so from the late reputation of his generalship, and the display of his tumbling at the camp-meetings. But the circumstance of his having taught a cat to speak, was against him; for no woman would like to have a tell-tale of such domestic animal. It would render it unsafe to have a cat about the house."

3. " said the Paddy-whack,God love your shoul" appeared in earlier editions, but was deleted in 1819 and replaced with the more concise "Said he.."

4. What follows from here to the end of the chapter, was originally Chapter 2 of Book 2 in the serial edition.