"Crockett's Wonderful Escape,
by Driving his Pet Alligator up Niagra Falls" (1846)

"Feat of Mike Fink"

Stories from the Early 19th Century
Awful History of
Young Dred Drake

M.L. Weems, 1818
Cousin Sally Dilliard
H.C. Jones, 1830
Pete Whetstone's Bear Hunt
C.F.M. Noland, 1837
Pete Whetstone's Last Frolic
C.F.M. Noland, 1839
the Maj. in an
Embarassing Situation

W.T. Thompson, 1843
Maj. Jones at the Opera
W.T. Thompson, 1845
Maj. Jones Pops the Question
W.T. Thompson, 1843
A Coon Hunt; or, Fency Country
W.T. Thompson, 1851
Nimrod's Wildfire Tall Talk
J.K. Paulding, 1833
The Shooting Match
A.B. Longstreet, 1835
The Horse Swap
A.B. Longstreet, 1840
The Fight
A.B. Longstreet, 1840
Jones' Fight
T. Kirkman, 1845
The Standing Candidate
J.S. Robb, 1847
Davy Crockett

Col. Crockett with a Grizzly Bear
Bear Hunting in TN
Target Shooting
Rules for the
Guidance of politicians
Col. Coon's
Wife Judy
Mike Fink

Death of Mike Fink
Mike Fink
and the Sheep

Crockett Almanac, 1852
Trimming a
Darky's Heel

J.S. Robb, 1847
Short Tales
Crockett Almanac, 1850s
The Ohio Boatman
Crockett Almanac, 1837
The Last
of the Boatmen

T. Field, 1829
The Death of
Mike Fink

J.M. Field, 1847
Later Tales and Stories
the Prince of Morocco
on Horseback

M.C. Field, 1854
How Sally Hooter
Got Snake-Bit

W.C. Hall, 1851
Sicily Burn's Wedding
G.W. Harris, 1867
Mrs. Yardley's Quilting
G.W. Harris, 1867
The Big Bear of Arkansas
T.B. Thorpe, 1854
The Dandy Frightening the Squatter
S. Clemens, 1852
The Celebrated Jumping Frog
of Calaveras County

M. Twain, 1867
Jim Blaine and his
Grandfather's old Rum

M. Twain, 1872

Biographical Information on Some Humorists
G.W. Harris
J.J. Hooper
A.B. Longstreet
T.B. Thorpe
D. Crockett
M. Twain

Characters of Southwestern Humor
Confidence Man
Durn'd Fool
Ring-Tailed Roarer
Mighty Hunter