Philosophy of the site ~ A look at the variety of travelers
Difficulty of reconciling the observations
The organization of categories ~ Sites that deal with related material

The Travelers and Their Writings
Thomas Hamilton ~ Margaret Hall ~ George Combe
Harriet Martineau ~ Alexander Boloni Farkas
Frederick Julius Gustorf ~ Charles Lyell ~ Francis Kemble

On the Road:
Modes of Travel in the New Republic

Leisure and difficulty of 1830's travel ~ Profile of a tourist to the United States
The activities of the travelers ~ Entertainment and socials
A visit to the customs house ~ The strangeness of American stagecoaches
The horrible state of roads and reasons for this ~ Travel by steamboat
Accomodations in America ~ The coming of the railroad

The American Character
The hurrying about in pursuit of wealth ~ How this trait leads to immorality
The serious manner of Americans ~ Their underlying kindness
Informality in social situations ~ Physical appearance

Habits of the Americans
The excessive use of tobacco ~ American food and their manner of eating
The speech of the Americans ~ The observance of holidays

Education in the United States
Education of the people is a democratic principle ~ The lack of depth in
American education
~ Americans learn much more outside of the classroom
The state of the universities

The American Press
The morality of the newspapers ~ The errors of the press
The wide dissemination of newspapers ~ The problems with this

Nature, Industry and the American West
The abundance of natural resources ~ Destruction of nature in the name of
~ American's hope in moving west


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