bishop: A shaping undergarment.  (back)

canvass back: A variety of duck.   (back)

Col. & Lucia Culpeper, Stephen Griffen, Maria Meynall: These personages appear in the form of the letters they write home in Paulding's New Mirror for Travellers. The Culpepers hail from Santee, SC and are taking their first trip North. Stephen is the fiancee of Lucia; because he has been to Europe she considers him worldly and worries that her inexperience as a tourist may put her out of his favor. Maria is the friend to whom Lucia writes both to confide her fears and to report the excitements of her travels.  (back to Maria & Stephen  |  Lucia  |  The Col.)

Dwight, Theodore: The writer of influential guidebooks would go on to publish the American Penny Magazine & Family Newspaper, later renamed Dwight's American Magazine, in which was occasionally reprinted an excerpt from the travel books.  
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Paulding, James Kirke:A popular Nineteenth Century writer of the serious (Salmagundi) and the satirical (The New Mirror for Travellers).  
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Waverley: A novel by Sir Walter Scott.   (back)


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