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These sites, referenced in the text of The Silent Western web site, contain further information about some of the people and events discussed. This page will be checked periodically to make sure that the links here are still active.


Buff alo Bill and the Wild West Show

Dan iel Boone

Kit Carson

Charlie Chaplin

Davy Crockett


John Ford

D.W. Griffith

Lumiere brothers

Georges Melies

Tom Mix

Eadweard J. Muybridge

Edwin S. Porter


The Birth of a Nation

A Corner in Wheat

The Covered Wagon

The Great Train Robbery

The Gold Rush

Hell's Hinges

The Iron Horse

The Perils of Pauline

A Trip to the Moon


The Virginian

Way Down East

The Winning of Barbara Worth

American History and Film History:

"actuality" films

Buff alo Bill and the Wild West Show

Vaudeville theaters

The Silent Westerns: Home Page

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