New York Times
April 23, 1891

As baseball is no longer a sport, but a business, and a rather low business at that, it must he treated like the stove business and the express business whenever it obstructs the sidewalks or interferes with the clear right of way of pedestrians. Some few newspapers that have sunk to the level of mere advertising sheets for the disreputable race tracks, the ball fields, and other even less worthy enterprises, have resumed the practice of displaying bulletins of baseball games, and as it happens that some of these bulletins are displayed upon crowded thoroughfares at the time when they are most used and needed, between 5 and 6 o'clock in the evening, the obstruction and inconvenience the public suffers in consequence of their exposure is altogether intolerable. Time and trouble will be saved if the nuisance is suppressed at the very beginning of the season of the so-called game of baseball.