click to enlargeThe Uneeda Biscuit campaign was one of the biggest to date, launching the mainstay product of the new National Biscuit Company. Once the In-er-seal package was invented, with the wax paper lining to keep out moisture (the major obstacle in shipping crackers far and wide), countless hours were spent designing the slogan, the package, the trademark, and finally, the young boy who became the face of the package. In the old days when boys were sent down to the general store, the crackers they found were in barrels and the freshest were on the top. As the barrel emptied, the crackers available would be broken and soggy, perhaps with the scent of the kerosene tank that sat next to the barrel. Many fingers, as well as mice and insects, found their way inside the cracker barrel. But times had changed. The boy who used to come home with a sack of uncertainty came back with a package of uniform quality crackers, already sealed, always dry, and guaranteed for a nickel - for a time - at all costs.