February 19, 1847


The following melancholy details of the rapid progress of starvation in the west are copied from the Mayo Constitution of yesterday:

"In the neighborhood of Newport, on Sunday morning last, a poor man, named Mulloy, was found on the road side. His emaciated frame betokened that his death was the result of want. He was a native of Burrishcole. On Friday last a poor man died at Deradda, near Newport, of actual hunger, leaving a family to follow in rapid succession. On Saturday, a poor man was also found expiring from exhaustion at Rooskeen, and notwithstanding relief being brought, the poor man died, food having come too late! In the neighborhood of Breaffy, near this town, the following deaths have occurred from starvation and disease: Michael M'Enally, of Roemon, on the 12th; Peter Sworde, of Deerinachrisham, on the 12th; his wife on the 12th; james Gavan, of Ballyshawn, on the 8th; his wife on the 10th. On Sunday, the 7th inst., Mr. Alkinson, coroner, held an inquest on the body of Patrick Maughan, at Ceonarrow. The deceased has left a family, who are in the most indigent state. The jury verdict was "Death by starvation." In this village there is not a family that do not appear likely to fall victim to famine. On the same day, on the body of James Brislane, at Kilrimmin. The deceased was put on the public works a few days previous to his death, and was hastening on Saturday evening to the office of the pay-clerk, but being very weak from want of food, he fell on the way, and was found dead next morning. Verdict -- "death by starvation." On Monday, the 8th, on the body of Pat Howley, at Smisfield. The deceased was employed on the public works, and was found lying on the road, where he had fallen, by a person passing by; when removed to the nearest habitation he died shortly after. Verdict -- "Death by starvation." On the same day on the body of William Sheridan, at Cloondes. The deceased had been in a great state of destitution, and going from one village to another he he fell into a small rivulet which he attempted to cross, and from his debility was unable to extricate himself! Verdict -- "Death by drowning, but attributed to starvation." This coroner states that there were 12 more inquests reported in his district, but which from indispostiion he has beenunable to attend. During the past week Mr. O'Grady, coronorer, held inquests on the following persons: Anne Philibin, Patt Hemnon, Francis Gannon, Jordan Morrison, Anne Teatum, Patrick Corey, Thomas Costello . . .

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