February 10, 1846

IRELAND. (From Our Own Correspondent.)



A large body of the Roman Catholic clergy of the united dioceses of Cloyne and Ross, have originated a movement in favour of the extension of the English Poor Law to this country, so as to insure the right of outdoor relief, not merely to the infirm, the blind, and the half, but to the ablebodied labourer driven to the verge of destitution by a chain of circumstances over which, it might be, he could have not control.

The following requisition, bearing the signatures of 18 priests, appears in the Cork Reporter:

"We, the undersigned, respectfully request a meeting of our brothers, the Roman Catholic clergy, at Fermoy, on Thursday, the 11th inst., to consider the propriety of petitioning Parliament for outdoor relief for the ablebodied as well as for the infirm poor of Ireland, and for an enactment affording cheap and speedy means to enforce such a right."

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