"Famine" and Its Remedy. December 16, 1846.

Under the imposing heads of "Fearful Facts," and "Hungers, Cold, Disease and Deaths," the Wexford Independent gives a most alarming account of the state of part of that county. Here is an extract:

"Our accounts from the northern parts of this country are most deplorable. What the poor people earn on the public works is barely sufficient to support them. All their earnings go for food; and the consequence is, that they have nothing left to procure clothing. Since the extreme cold set in, sickness and death have accordingly followed in its train. Inflammation of the lungs, fevers, and other maladies, resulting from excessive privation, have been bearing away their victims. Many have died in the course of last week; and the illness in every case was traceable to the want of clothing and firing, if not of sufficient food."

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