"The Day after the Ejectment." From the Illustrated London News, December 16, 1848

Eviction scene from the Illustrated London News of December 16, 1848. The famine-era scenes illustrates the plight of Irish families made homeless during the Famine, described by Bishop Thomas Nulty of County Meath, who calcuated that close to 30,000 homes were leveled in Meath between 1843-71. Nulty described evictions in his writing. "The speechless agony of men, the piteous wailings of women, the terror and consternation of children, as their houses are pulled down, their homes demolished, and themselves set adrift on the world -- all contribute to make up a horrible scene that . . . can never be forgotten throughout the length and breadth of the locality in which it occurred." (Alfred P. Smyth, Faith, Famine and Fatherland in the Irish Midlands: Perceptions of a Priest and Historian Anthony Cogan, 1826-1872. Dublin: Colour Books Ltd., 1992.)