Authorn's Note
The Keystone the Builders Rejected

An Imaginary Conversation

"I Am Here To-Day"; Charlie Chaplin

Say It with Music

Tearing a Passion to Ragtime

Toujours Jazz

Mr Dooley, Meet Mr Lardner

A Tribute to Forenz Ziegfield

The Dartktown Strutters on Broadway

Plan for a Lyric Theatre in America

The One-Man Show

The Damonic in the American Theatre

These, Too

The "Vulgar" Comic Strip

The Krazy Kat That Walks by Himself

The Damned Effrontary of the Two-a-Day

They Call It Dancing

St Simeon Stylitas

Burlesque, Circus, Clowns, and Acrobats

The True and Inimiatable Kings of Laughter

The Great God Bogus

An Open Letter to the Movie Magnates

Before a Picture by Picasso


Appendix to "I Am Here To-Day"

"Bananas" and Other Songs

Appendix to "These, Too"

An Incomplete List of Songs by Irving Berlin

The Krazy Kat Ballet

The Cinema Novel



The Custiodians of the Keystone.  By Ralph Barton

Charlie Chaplin.  By E.E. Cumings

Irving Berlin.  Photo by Maurice Goldberg

George Gershwin.  Photo by Carl Klein

The Sun's Dwelling. By Joseph Urban

George M. Cohan.  By Alfred Frueh

Willie Collier. By Alfred Frueh

Eddie Cantor.  By Roland Young

Frank Tinney.  By Roland Young

Ed Wynn.  By Roland Young

Fanny Brice. Photo by Edward Steichen

Al Jolson.  Photo by Muray

Leon Erol.  By Alfred Frueh

Bert Savoy.  Photo by Abbe

Mike and Mike.  By T. E. Powers

A Cartoon. By R. L. Goldberg

Fragment from the Krazy Kat of the Door.  By George Herriman

Krazy Kat. By George Herriman

Vaudeville.  By Charles Demuth

Joe Cook.  Photo by Morton Harvey

Irene Castle.  Photo Muray

Cirque Medrano.  Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

National Winter Garden Burlesque.  By E. E. Cummings




The Fratellini.  By Fernand Leger

A Painting. By Pablo Picasso

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